Saturday, November 15, 2008

Broadway Dreams

That was the name of the show.  I don't think Pearl has Broadway aspirations, but she did an amazing job.  

The funny thing is, she didn't even want to be in the musical theater class.  She'd signed up for three elective choices--sensible ones that would actually count toward her high school credits before she'd ever get to high school.  She signed up for musical theater because she was positive she'd never have to be in it.  We don't know what happened with the Health class.  The Creative Writing class didn't make.  I offered to help her get her class changed, but she said she'd stick it out. She has friends in the class.

Here we are, 3 months later and she's got two solos in the show.  Her big brother gave her the one and only compliment he's ever given her when he found out--"You should do it, you really can sing."  We were positive aliens had invaded his brain. Last night after the show, he told her she'd done a great job.  Aliens again.

We're so proud of her.  She did so well, and I'm not just saying that because she's mine.  I don't think Broadway is her goal.  I think being a vet for exotic animals is still on her list of things to do.  Either way, she'll do great.  She's an amazing young lady and she can do anything she sets her mind to.  


  1. Ok, CeeCee. I'm absolutely floored!
    Just look at her. She looks like a professional thespian. And she is GORGEOUS!!

    What I really want to know, is if you cried (I would have) and if your cheeks hurt from that HUGE smile that clung to your face during the entire show.

    Gosh. I wish I could have been sitting right there beside you watching and cheering during such special moments :)

    Way to go, Aliens! lol!


  2. Wow! Its amazing when you kids come out with hidden talents your chest just burst with pride.She looks full of confidence like she has been on the stage forever.

    By the way I've admired your blog for quiet a while now and I want to pass on this award Laughing Orca Ranch has given me so pop on over to my blog and get your Award "I've Fallen For Your Blog" :)

  3. Please congratulate Pearl from me, this unknown gal from Oregon. :-)
    She looks wonderful up there...poised, beautiful, elegant, charismatic...I wish I could hear her sing.
    You must be incredibly proud. She's simply lovely, Cee Cee.

  4. Lisa, Yes, the first time she sang, I cried. I was just so proud of her. Honestly, I didn't know she could sing so well.

    Thanks Sue! I'll come over in a few days to accept your lovely award. My main computer ate freaked out on me and I'm using my kids computer right now.

    Thanks Danni, I'm really proud of her.

  5. She looks like a natural up there on the stage.

    Congrats to Pearl!

  6. Oh my gosh! Gorgeous is RIGHT! And she DOES look like a natural! (Hmmmmm.....thinking about ways to tap into this uncovered talent at church.....)

  7. Wow!! That girl's a star!! You must be so proud, ceecee. She's lovely.

  8. I don't even know her but you can just see the beauty shine through in her face. It speaks well of how you are raising her. I too would cry. You must be so proud. She is lovely.

  9. Pearl is a beauty!! She's growing so fast, it's insane! I'm so excited for her... and if she desires maybe she could do singing on the side. She should for sure be a vet first though! Her love for animals is unlike many people, it's in her heart and soul... like nursing is in mine. She's a nurse of animals :) Tell her cousins proud of her for her singing and that she's BEAUTIFUL!