Monday, October 13, 2008

You Can't Always Get What You Want

aka...the amazing video of migrating monarchs that didn't turn out.

Over the last couple days, I've noticed an influx of monarch butterflies in our area.  This happens every fall, but not to this extent.  While looking out my bathroom window yesterday, I discovered that a place in my pasture seemed alive with movement.  Could that many butterflies be hanging out in one place?  In Texas?  I always understood the migration to be an event that took place in mass in Mexico. I thought they all sort of went in ones and twos to certain places in the mountains in Mexico.  Not so.

As always, I grabbed my little Canon Powershot and headed out.  There had to be at least a hundred butterflies in a patch of Frostweed that is about 20 x 100 feet.  I flipped on my video option and took (what I thought) was a lovely 30 second video of them busily sucking up nectar.  I loaded it onto YouTube this morning and it's all blurry and my voice is all slurred.  It was very windy yesterday, but it seemed to be an okay video on my computer.  Oh well.  

Because the story of the migration is so complex, I decided to let the experts tell the how and why it happens. If you open that page, you'll notice in the very top left corner, there is a place to click for the "Fall Migration".  It lets you know when to expect the monarchs in your area based on your latitude.  Once you open the latitude page, type in your city and you will see your latitude about 2/3 of the way down the page under "coordinates".  

Anyway, I wish I could share the amazing bit of nature happening in my pasture. Pictures don't quite capture the beauty of it.  Today, it's drizzling, and they've moved on. I really love the little gifts God gives us, if we just have our eyes open to them.


  1. What an amazing thing to get to see. We get a few monarchs here in the fall, but not huge numbers. Our house is a registered monarch waystation.

  2. Way cool that so many stop off at your house. I would have loved to see that video, too. (What were you drinking to have your voice so slurred, eh? lol!)

    Sadly, we don't get monarch's migrating through here. I suppose it's because we are in a very windy zone above 7,000 ft.
    Those poor butterflies wouldn't stand a chance through our area, between freezing weather and buffeting winds :(


  3. Isn't it a bummer when the camera doesn't work like you thought and the video or pictures don't come out? Sorry your butterfly video didn't come out; would have loved to see it. Pretty cool pic though. thanks for the link.