Friday, October 3, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

He's beautiful, but he's a troublemaker.

The rut has begun in central Texas.  This is when bucks throw caution to the wind, because love is in the air--literally.  I don't usually think of the rut occurring until November, but our Parks and Wildlife site says it is dependent on weather, food, water and habitat.  

The does in our area have begun sending signals that the time is right.  I got, what I thought, were wonderful pictures of several does and two enormous bucks this morning.  My camera says there wasn't enough light.  All you could see was the eerie flashbacks in their eyes from my camera flash. 

The bucks are no longer cautious around humans, and spent most of my photo session chasing each other around.  Of course, this lack of caution also leads to videos on "When Wildlife Attack".  I don't know how many I've seen of some Joe Bob getting attacked by a deer or elk that seemed overly tame at first, and then ripped into him when he tried to pet it. I use a telephoto lens to avoid close contact.

The worst part of the rut is the number of deer/car accidents that occur. Unfortunately, it's usually the does that get killed.  The bucks chase them like dogs would, and she'll often run willy-nilly into traffic to get away from him.  I steel myself and my children every year for the possibility that we may hit and kill a deer.  We are lousy with deer in our area.  Collisions are inevitable.  


  1. We're in the same situation here. I hate this time of the year! :/

  2. I tell myself every year that I will NOT swerve to avoid hitting one. We live right off a 65mph. highway with major drop-offs on both sides in places. If one jumps on the road, I have no choice but to hit it as it comes. Not killing myself or my family over a poor deer.

  3. I don't know why it is so funny to me but when those idiots go up to a wild buck and the buck starts kicking idiot butt, I cant stop laughing. :-0
    I still have duct tape holding the grill of my monster truck in place from a deer. He was just standing there, I slowed a bit, and he thought now is the time to hop out into the road. I sent him spinning, almost like that part from the movie Bambi, where Bambi is spinning on the ice. I looked for him but he ran off.
    We see a lot in our woods in winter.

  4. It's moments like those that I say "Hey, You, Outta the Gene Pool!" I remember a video from up north somewhere, where the bull Elks come into some small town every year. Two bulls are having it out in a children's park in the center of town. A guy gets out of his car with his camera. Obviously, someone else has a video camera on him. He gets closer and closer and closer until both bulls see him. All I can say is, he didn't die---but barely. Duh!

  5. I've never seen any deer around here. I think it's just too populated with people and alot of livestock.
    That guy is handsome, but what I'm really admiring is your gorgeous tree. So strong and large!
    What species is it, CeeCee?


  6. Lisa, the majority of our trees in here on the Edward's Plateau are Live Oaks. They are nearly considered evergreen, because they don't shed their leaves until the new spring leaves push them off. They are never bare.
    They are amazingly strong! Huge branches will jut out from the trunk at a 90* angle and not pull the whole thing over. They are also very slow growing--I guess that accounts for some of their strength.

  7. We dont have that problem here. Im too much in town to attract them. Altho, go a couple hours south of me and there are deer galore...and just as many hunters to go with them.

  8. What a crazy time for you. We have a similar problem with kangaroos, they just come jumping out of the bush straight into your path. Its not IF a roo comes out its WHEN, so we are vigilant all the time. They do a lot of damage to your car, I will do my best not to hit one but I will not swerve off the road for one. If I see a dead one I usually try to see if it is a female and if it is carrying a joey.

  9. That's a gorgeous picture, Cee cee - sorry your others didn't turn out. That is SO frustrating.
    As I was reading your words about not slowing down for deer that jump in your path, I was reminded old friends of mine who were seriously injured in a collision with a deer. As you know, some of those deer are HUGE and not all cars are built like tanks. So...depending on what you drive, please promise to at least try to slow down if one jumps in your path. Not to save the deer, mind you, but to reduce the force of impact for you and your family!

  10. Speaking of this there are always a lot of deer hanging around here especially at night. Coming home tonight I barely missed a doe who jumped out and stopped to stare into our headlights. So many get hit we see one at least once or so a month on the highway.