Sunday, October 12, 2008

Silent Sunday


  1. Such a peaceful photo. The lighting is beautiful, too.

    And what I'd like to know is who those cute little cowboy boots belonged to?


  2. LIsa, those tiny boots were bought to give to a friend when her baby was born. I put them someplace, so I wouldn't forget where I put them. What did I do?..I forgot where I put them. When I located them, the baby had outgrown them already.

    Lucky Cat has recently begun hanging out in my office in the sun. I guess because it's not quite so hot anymore.

  3. What a contented looking cat! Looks like Lucky has found a great place to cat nap!

  4. So Sunday was not like that I worked like a dog!!
    I did enjoy it though!

  5. Now that is how I would like to spend my Silent Sunday. Looks like Lucky has no worries in the world.