Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rule Breakers!

You'll have to click on this picture to see the naughty ones.  They're hiding under the Mountain Laurel tree, hoping I won't see them.  

We have a rule at our house, chickens on the outside of the iron fence, family on the inside.  There's just something about getting out of the pool and stepping in chicken poo that is unappealing to most folks.  As you can see, the fence doesn't quite reach the ground.  I've got all sorts of stuff rigged up to fill that space.  We've had high winds, and I suspect the things I've used to block the space has blown away.

My biggest fear when they breach the fence is that one of them will fall in.  They don't seem too concerned.  


  1. Which brings up a very interesting question....can chickens swim? What happens when they *do* fall into a pool, or lake, or other body of water?
    Your chicken just missed you, Cee Cee, and wanted to be closer to you. :-)

  2. Silly birds! They must have gotten jealous about the sparrows being 'allowed' in the pool area and decided it was only fair. haha!

    You know how envious I am of you for having that amazing pool and gorgeous trees all around, don't you?

    I may just have to come out there when it gets warm again, just to take a swim. I imagine myself sitting there poolside with you, sipping margaritas and nibbling chocolate, like a couple of rich ladies. hehe

  3. That is very funny. They just look like they are preparing for a garden party and a little sun bathing. Our chickens have come around the pool as well and seem to know to stay back. I have even had them (as well as the stupid wild turkeys) standing on the diving board before.

  4. Ah, and now I understand the reference re my guinea fowl and your chickens! And my wild guineas have indeed fallen in the pool - usually as the result of chasing each other in circles, at high speed, during the mating season. It's a very undignified business! :-)
    Thanks for dropping by via the Black Box!

  5. Danni, no, I would assume that chickens cannot swim.:) My girls, however, have soooo many fluffy butt feathers, that they may float.

    Lisa, It's funny, I'd already forgotten about the sparrow picture by the pool. Yea, why should wild birds be allowed, when pets aren't allowed! As for hanging out by the pool, come on over. You will have to wait for summer though. Right now, our 65* nights have dropped the water temp significantly.

    Vonda, I think I'd have a heart attack if one ended up on our diving board! I really just don't know how smart they are about a large body of water--do danger signals go off in their heads or not?

    Vanilla, thanks for stopping by. I've seen videos of guineas chasing one another. It's amazing they don't bang into things. It seems all willy-nilly. Maybe you can answer the question (that we really know the answer to)---can they swim or do they sink like rocks?

  6. Funny chickens. I think they missed you and were looking to see where you were.