Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Poor, PItiful Penny

All chickens molt.  It's a necessary part of their biology.  Most shed a feather here, a feather there, for about 2 months.  Not Penny.  She loses all the feathers she's going to lose in a matter of 3 days.  She has one more day to go.   
She'll be in this state for about 6 weeks.  I worry every year that she won't grow her feathers back by the first frost.  She always makes it in, just under the wire. Luckily, she has the other chickens to snuggle up with when she gets a little chilly at night.


  1. LOL!! Looks like a chicken exploded on your lawn!! ;)

  2. Almost looks like one of those scenes from a movie after there was a pillow fight. Thats a lot of feathers.

    Did you say that they dont lay while they are moulting?

  3. Poor pretty Penny :)
    She reminds me of our Angelina Ballerina.

    I have a few hens that are losing feathers. Behind our coop looks similar to your chicken feather exposion! haha

    The other 'problem' we're having is how rough our roos are when mounting our girls. They grab onto the neck feathers and are even pulling some out. Poor girls! We can even tell which hens are the roos' favorites.

    Angelina Ballerina is a popular girl looks like she had 'bed head' all the time. :P


  4. I always feel sorry for the molting chickens around here also. Sometimes the others just keep pecking at a few.
    It is good Penny has nice chickens to snuggle up with.
    Have a good day.

  5. Two of my hens have absolutely bald spots right now. The feathers are floating everywhere. The rest of the hens are beginning to grow feathers back nicely.

  6. I was WONDERING where all the feathers from my down comforter were going! They're in your yard! Give them BACK, cee cee! (Do you have all my missing socks, too?) :-)
    Poor little Penny. Please tell her I still think she's lovely. Even feather-less.

  7. We have some hens looked a little worse for wear also, and yet here we are, 2 of them have new chicks! Crazy!

    I always enjoy visiting your blog. You have a great sense of humor and always have great stories and pictures.

  8. I tortured Penny last night and picked her up. The poor thing has no feathers on her breast, or the insides of her legs. He neck is nearly bare as well. When her crop is full, it's obvious that there are no feathers there either.
    I can't imagine how uncomfortable she must be at night when trying to roost.

    Farm Mom, many non-chicken folks wonder if something terrible happened to one of our chickens. I do like to kid them and tell them I ran one over with the lawn tractor.

    Frugalmom, It does look like a movie set. I hadn't thought of it.

    Lisa, I hate when my roo picks a favorite girl. It's almost embarrassing. Did you know they have things called, Chicken Aprons, that you can put on hens to protect their backs from feather loss?

    Pam, the other hens seem especially mean to Penny right now. She's low chicken on the totem pole anyway, now this just gives them an excuse. :(

    Vonda, Penny is full of would-be feathers. I would think she'd get poked to death. At least there's hope for her growing them back in before the first frost.

    Danni, I don't have your missing socks. I am only the repository of lost socks below the Mason-Dixon Line. All dryers south of that line send the extra socks to me. Those that live north of the line go to some woman in Michigan. :)

    RR, thanks for dropping in. I wish I had gotten chicks this year. This is the first year my Rosy has not gone broody.