Monday, September 22, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

You know, I have searched and search online, and in the "How to be the Perfect Woman to all Family Members" handbook and I cannot locate where it says
Moms must always be the one to replace the toilet paper roll.

I've blogged on this before, and assured my family that no such fairy exists.  Maybe they think I'm lying.

The roll that is being used in the picture above, isn't new.  It was obvious to me, when I went in, that it had been used by multiple perpetrators---probably more than once!  

What is it?  Is the spring action of the TP holder just too complex for all but the mom brain?  Is it frightening?  Is is just too darn much work when you're in a hurry?  Is everybody in a hurry but me?  I tend to think that folks (in my family, anyway) really just don't care.  Do you think if I got one of those trendy holders that is just a bent piece of metal with one end open for TP replacement, that my family would be more willing to replace the roll?

If you have somehow managed to raise a household full of TP changers, please let me know your secret.  

Goodness knows I must be the only blogger with two labels regarding toilet paper! Well, I'm off to change the roll.  Have a good day.


  1. We built our home over 10 years ago and we never installed tp holders. I hate them and think most are ugly. I am still looking for some that are artsy and easy for all to put the tp on. In the mean time we will keep setting it in a basket on top of the tank. It may not look as nice but I don't have tp anger.

  2. You can picture this as you read along. I'm sitting in the doctor's office waiting room one morning, minding my own business and reading a magazine. The article is about managing your household without your family driving you nuts. It was a good article! ;) One woman resented sitting down to pee and discovering a half second too late that the roll was empty AGAIN. She left the empty roll on the holder, grabbed a roll for herself, and hid the rest of the paper. She put her roll on a yarn necklace and stuck it in a cupboard nobody would look in. When people started screeching about toilet paper she grabbed her "necklace" and pointed to her roll and said, "I have mine!" I burst out laughing in the waiting room. I couldn't help myself! I can picture some poor me...doing that!

  3. Yee gads, at first I thought you had a picture of MY bathroom there ... LOL. Guess it's an age old problem ... at least mine do put the toilet seat down.

  4. I feel your pain I often wonder if my family cares, your cries of "why" just fall on deaf ears:( until when there isn't any TP and they cry out to you for more :)

  5. CeeCee,

    Like we've discussed before, girlfriend, we surely are walking along parallel universes.
    My family are duplicates of yours.

    What is up with THAT?!

    I suppose they just don't care much for the roller. But they sure do whine when the TP gets wet from the water from the sink.

    Go figure.
    And the solution is just so simple.

    What would they do without us Moms around to replace the TP roll, eh?

    hehe. I wonder how many people doing google searches for 'toilet paper' and 'changing rolls have stumbled onto your blog! :)


  6. LMAO. Oh yeah. I can relate. ;)

  7. When I looked at that picture I thought you stole my bathroom. In our main bath we finally solved it by installing the hook kind of holder that the roll just slides on. I have yet to see it empty. I suppose it is the "hard work" of taking the spring action holder off and sliding the roll on and replacing it. It just must take too much time. But I still have two other bathrooms that you guessed it, I am the paper changer. I love Robin's story. I laughed out loud just imagining that toilet paper necklace.

  8. Sugar--smart, smart woman! If I did that, we would end up with a whole roll in the toilet. That's just the kind of family we are. :)

    Robin--LOL! I think I might try it.

    Pat-how on earth did you get them to put the seat down??? The theory at my house is "well, I have to put the seat up to use it--why should I touch it twice? "

    Lily--isn't that the truth! " Mooooommmmmmm, I need toilet paper!!" I've tried to train them to look before they sit, but you know how that goes.

    Lisa, shall we lead a revolt and stop changing TP? Honestly, I don't think anyone would notice. They don't notice dishes just above the dishwasher, they don't notice newspapers just above the recycling, they don't notice socks just outside the hamper......

    Vonda, you did what I should have done all along--open ended holders. I guess it's just the scary spring action that causes them not to change the rolls.

    ((Sigh)) We must remember that if this is the biggest problem we have today, to thank our lucky stars--and God, if you believe in him.