Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sooo, Whatcha Eatin'?

Our dogs are master beggars.  They don't beg at the table, but can hear the pantry door or the fridge door open from anywhere in the house.  In fact, they believe that the only reason we open the pantry door is to get dog treats for them.  They have us well trained.

On the other hand, our cat, Lucky is wwaaaayyyy too cool for begging.  He has a very special relationship with Pearl, but he's never stooped to beg from her.  He will occasionally sit by the pantry door with the dogs and wait for a cat treat.  His attitude is "well, as long as you're in there...".  

A few days ago, Pearl made herself a frozen dinner (Lee was out of town, I don't cook much when he's out of town).  It was Roasted Rosemary Chicken with whole grains, veggies, and sticks in a delicate garlic rosemary butter reduction.  I'm kidding, but it had some high brow name that is supposed to make you believe you aren't eating a frozen dinner.  I digress.

Our uppity cat found the smell of said dinner too much to resist.  He got down off his throne, yawned, stretched and hopped up in Pearl's lap.  He laid there, and lost his cool.  He was nearly drooling.  I ran for the camera and he suddenly came to his senses.  I was only able to get one shot before he took on the air of, "I only came over here because I was chilly.  I wouldn't eat any of her nasty frozen chicken if it were the last meal on earth."  

I did observe that he stayed put just in case any of her nasty chicken happened to fall off her fork.


  1. That pic is a crack up.
    Side note: I love your wall, so earthy and cool.

  2. Love the picture - they look very sweet together and I'm really hoping that Pearl dropped at least a tiny piece (accidentally, of course) where Lucky could slyly gobble it up. :-)
    Side note to sugarcreekstuff's side note: That is a very cool wall and I love that SCS notices and points things out like this! :-)

  3. Hmmm, the frozen dinner had sticks in it?
    I guess anything with butter on it might taste pretty good. heheh

    Lucky takes up almost all of Pearl's lap! wow. He's a big handsome fella. And that's a cute picture. I love Pearl's affectionate smile while gazing down at her beloved (sneaky) cat. :)

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  4. That cat is huge! What a great catch...he is looking like he just can't wait until Pearl looks away for just one second. Sweet.