Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's What's For Dinner

I don't really have a name for this dish. When someone in my house asks what's for dinner, I just say, "That sausage, potato, green bean, oven thing". Very uptown, don't you think?
Just as a disclaimer, there are two steps to this dish that you can leave out if you want( I'll point them out ). The whole idea is that this be as easy and quick as possible.

That Sausage, Potato, Green Bean, Oven Thing

What you'll need:
1/3 lb. (per person) smoked sausage
1 potato (per person)
1/4 lb. (per person) fresh green beans
1/2 to 1 yellow onion depending on your taste
olive oil, salt and pepper
9 x13 cookie sheet or larger

Preheat oven to 425*

Here's a step that can be left out. Even though the sausage is already cooked, I boil mine for a bit to leach out some of the excess fat. If you use a leaner kind of sausage than I do, or don't care about the fat, then just chop it into bite sized pieces and set it aside. (The yellow thing in the pot is just a reflection. Some have asked if it's an egg yolk.)

Here's the second thing that can be left out. I blanch my green beans for 5 minutes. If you put them straight in the oven with the other things, they tend to get tough. Again, if that doesn't matter to you, then pop off the ends and set them aside.

If you've chosen the blanch method, be sure to put them in ice water after the blanch. This stops the cooking and helps them retain that pretty green color. I leave them in this water until I'm ready to assemble the dish.

Cut potatoes into bite size pieces.

Same thing with the onion

Same time, same channel for the sausage (boiled or unboiled)

Place sausage, onion, and potatoes in the pan of your choice. The shorter the sides of the pan, the browner you'll be able to get the potatoes. Toss all this with a bit of olive oil to keep it from sticking. Salt and pepper to taste. Bake for 40 minutes, stir once during that time.
You'll notice there are no green beans in the pan. I don't add those until the last 10 minutes. Otherwise, their moisture will keep the potatoes from browning.
I'm going to admit that this pan is too crowded and the sides are too high. If you don't care about brown potatoes (my kids do), then don't worry so much about pan size and height.

At the 30 minute mark, drain the green beans .

Add the green beans and stir again, so they'll be coated in the olive oil also.
Bake another 10 minutes and voila', dinner is served.

This dish isn't really all that involved. I started out just chopping up the ingredients, and tossing them in a pan with the olive oil. Then kids started fussing about potatoes that weren't brown and the grown ups started worrying about their waistlines and cholesterol levels. It can be assembled and tossed in the oven for 40-45 minutes--never stirred, never checked on. It still turns out really yummy.


  1. That looks sooo good. I do like the easy dishes that use the oven then you don't have to pre heat to put in a cake! ;-)

  2. I'm bookmarking this for the next time we have sausage. It looks delicious.

  3. Cake? Did I hear cake???

    What's for dessert, CeeCee.
    Michelle's got the right idea! hehe

    This dish looks great. I bet it tastes een better. Gonna have to try this! :)

    Thanks for the photo recipe tutorial. Much better than a lay-on-the-counter cook book :)


  4. Looks really good. So, dinner at Cee cee's then off to Michelle's for dessert....

  5. Thanks Cee Cee. This looks really great and easy as well. Can't wait to try it.

  6. Thanks all. I'd probably do more of these, but I end up all concerned about the quality of the pictures and whether I'm giving too much/not enough information.

    It really is a good recipe. You can alter it by adding italian sausage,red bell pepper, and italian seasoning. Yum!
    Hi Monkey's mama! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. BTW, What kind of cake? I love chocolate sheet cake---so much so, that I need to drink two diet cokes to cancel out the calories. :)

  8. I love tasty one pan dishes.
    I'll be noting this one future reference :)

  9. This sounds delicious - looks delicious. I must try on my hubby. The photos make it look easy enough - maybe i wont screw it up.