Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Time You Knew

It's time you knew, since it tends to confuse folks that know me.  The names of my friends and family in this blog are their middle names.  Several of them, in the beginning, asked that I keep their real names out of it.  I respected that.
Heck, Ree hasn't been able to keep the names of her family private, despite all her best attempts.  I just worried that one day I'd be as blog-famous as she is and I might need to keep everyone's name a secret.  

Hey, stop laughing, it could happen!  My name, CeeCee is a combination of my first and last initials.  I've always (for 20 married years anyway) secretly wished folks would call me that.  As a child I always hated my name, because it was the same as my mother's.  When I went away to school, she started calling me by my other name, to avoid confusion.  I hated that too, because I was named after a hurricane.

Geez, talk about needing therapy! Named after a hurricane and your mother.  
And so, like Ree, I'll divulge my real name, but continue to use my nickname----that I love because I made it up all by my big-girl self.  The name that everyone knows me by is, Carla.  Hurricane Carla.  It fits me quite often.  Just ask my long-suffering hubby. :) 

Here's the rest of the crew:
Lee is really Eric
Tom is really Preston
Pearl is really Jenna
James is really Quinn

Nice to meet you.


  1. haha! Congrats to you, CeeCee, for finally 'coming out'. Now I know you'll be famous one day!

    Ever since you told me the names of your kids, I sometimes get confused by their blog names or almost slip and refer to their real names, especially your daughter. :)

    It's so hard! haha

    So when is New Mexico going to see Hurricane Carla blowing in here? :)

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  2. Well Sis, If I'd known...I can't even tell you the number of friends I've had over the years who've chosen their own names and then changed it from what I had know them as for YEARS...I'll happily call my sister CeeCee.I love you.

  3. Funny thing about names. In my head I can't seem to see you as Carla but Cee Cee fits.

  4. Hi Ceecee, I know exactly how you feel. My birth name is Michelle, my family has been calling me Shelley since birth. I HATE IT! It isn't a name, it's a type of beach. "How's the beach?" "Shelley."

  5. That's great! I had no idea people held back. I assumed CeeCee was your name. :0)

    Nice to meet Carla!

  6. Well, I guess you're CeeCee to me. I agree with "egghead" - it just seems to fit. Me, I've had so many different names I don't remember who I am... but I don't think I've ever put my real name on my blogs... maybe my family one, but I don't think so. I'm just a ghost flitting about, or maybe an owl... whoooo am I???