Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hippie Kid

This post isn't really going to be about James' need of a haircut or the 'soul patch' of hot chocolate mix on his chin.  I just thought it was fun picture to go with an Over Worked, Underpaid sort of post. 

*Meetings: Parents required to attend meetings regarding soccer and theatre.  Falls right during dinner time.  Do I feed them before or after meeting?

* Soccer practice: 6-7:30.  Again, do I feed them before or after.

* Grades: We have this thing called Skyward that allows us to track our children's grades down to the moment.  Good thing/bad thing.  Good because we can discuss falling grades before they get too far down. Bad because we can discuss falling grades before they get too far down.  Depends on which side of the discussion you are. Motivating without threatening is a fine line to walk.  When to step fully onto the threatening side?? 

*Another death at church: A shock. Unexpected. One of our patriarchs.  We are a tiny congregation of about 70 on a good Sunday.  We are family.  He went in for knee replacement and died of a heart attack in recovery.  In the last 2.5 years, we have lost 4 folks that attended/participated in amazing ways.  Members of our church have also lost parents.  Seven parents.  We keep going to funerals and saying, "Okay, lets be done with this for awhile. No one else can get sick or die." I know that we all reach a certain age and funerals become a part of the landscape, but.......well, just but!  

*Remodeling: Our church is taking on a huge remodeling project.  It is being taken more seriously than a remodel, as it should with a church project.  We have to answer questions about why we're really doing this and for whom.  We're having committees and meetings and committees and meetings and mailings and scriptures and food and more food.  I am in charge of the food part.  I love food, I love to provide food for others.  It's just that there's a lot of it needed.  Last night I had a meltdown and wondered why folks can't make their own darn PB&J's for a lunch meeting.  I'll get over it.  It's a new day.

*The economy: What can I say.  I really don't understand the finer points of what is happening.  I'm just glad Lee does.  I'm praying that everyone will be okay.

*Pain: Day 3 of a headache from hades.  It's because I forgot that I'm 40 something and spending the weekend with your neck bent upwards and your arm over your head is going to cause pain.  I gave the chicken coop a fresh coat of paint and a general clean up.  I hate that what didn't used to phase me, now causes me to seek out Advil in great numbers.

* Clocks: This one will fill you in on my state of mind.  I now have two clocks in my office.  Lee got one as a present from a co-worker.  Really, really doesn't match our decor' in any way.  It's beautiful, just not us.  It ended up in my office.  The two clocks do not tick at the same time. He might get the clock back in his home office. It can be ugly in his office.  It's his gift after all. :)

The end.  Tomorrow will be embarrassing pictures of my molting chickens.  One in particular always looks as though she's been in one of those automated chicken pluckers.  


  1. I'm so sorry for all your loss sis, it just doesn't seem fair somehow...xo

  2. What a busy time for you. I hate how our bodies betray us when we try to do the things we are used to doing. You need a rest!