Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't Stop 'Til You Drop

This wee person is 14 years old today!  Well, not officially until 3:02 this afternoon.
She has been busy since she was born---3 weeks early.  These are two pictures, about 8 months apart, where it's obvious that she couldn't be bothered with horizontal sleeping.  She was just plain tuckered out and gave up, right where she was standing. She'd just lock up one knee like a horse, and take a nap.  
I have to share the story of how she got her name, Pearl, because it's so unusual in this day and age.  Lee and I tossed names around for months.  It came down to two, very southern names.  Georgia and Pearl.  I fought tooth and nail against Pearl for several reasons.  It was too old fashioned.  My granny's name was Pearl, and she was one mean old woman. It was too old fashioned.  She'd get made fun of at school. Did I mention that it was too old fashioned? 
Lee said that if the baby was a girl (we didn't find out ahead of time), that he knew she'd be small and precious--like a pearl.  Goodness, I was glad he didn't like the name  Ruby!  Still, her name was not going to be Pearl.  Maybe, maybe, maybe as a middle name.  Maybe not!

In my 9th month, I was headed to the OB for a weekly checkup.  I had my dear MIL along.  As we rounded a corner to head up a long hill, we heard a huge 'explosion' in the rear of the car.  I had no brakes!!  I headed up the hill and my driver's education kicked in like ObiWan Kenobi--"Use the parking break, CeeCee".  When I topped the hill, I turned onto a side street and pulled the car to the curb.  I got my big, old pregnant body out of the car and started walking for the nearest house. This was before cell phones.  We were in the middle of University of Texas housing and some poor frat boy stumbled to the door.  I asked for the phone.  He pointed at it and laid back down on the couch. I called a tow service and was asked the address.  The poor frat boy was rousted again--"What's the address here?" "Four Twenty-One Pearl Street". NO WAY, not it a million billion years could the street be named Pearl street!!! 
You guessed it, I gave in.  Her middle name is Pearl.  It was meant to be.  It fits her, too.

And so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pearl!! You are no longer small, but you are still precious to us and always will be.  Dad and I are so proud of the young lady you are becoming.  You are smart, beautiful, and have an enormous heart.  You bring light to any room you enter.  You are going places.  Places you haven't even dreamed of yet.  We love you! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Pearl!!!
    Do you still sleep like this? :-)

  2. I love the growing girl but I miss my funny little Miss Picklebuckle.

  3. Happy Birthday! Do you even have a bed in your room? Or just a great big pillow and then you lean against the wall?

  4. Happy Birthday Pearl! You have grown up into a beautiful and smart young lady with a big heart. Have a great birthday.


  5. Oh happy birthday to Pearl. I love what your husband said about the name. It should forever change how you think about it...not that mean old grandmother name any longer. Sweet.

  6. Happy Birthday Pearl!
    I have so many pictures of my daughter sleeping this way. Is it a girl thing? My boy never did, although he would fall asleep in his dinner.

  7. Happy Birthday Pearl! You are a beautiful young lady in body, mind and spirit.
    It's no wonder your Mama loves you so dearly. Just like a precious pearl, you are truly a gift.

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  8. A little late, but happy birthday to Pearl. A precious Pearl indeed! What sweet and funny pictures. I never had any little girls, and only have 1 little girl granddaughter. She has Cerebral Palsy so wouldn't be likely to sleep like that, and my boys never did that when they were growing up, so I've never seen a little kid doing that. It's pretty cool. Just stop where ever you are when you get tired and take a little nap.... cute!

  9. My boy would never fall asleep standing up like that! It has always taken him at 30 minutes to fall asleep, even as an infant.