Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cue Stevie Wonder

"Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful..."
This romanesque beauty is a Gulf Coast Toad.  I know it's a 'she' because it lacks a yellow-green patch on its sizable throat.  Also, females tend to be larger than males.
You can see in this picture that she has size and then some.  She and her boyfriend, who lives under a nearby rock, are the reason I don't kill my slugs and snails with snail bait.   The Decollate snails have one bed under control.  She and her sweetie are working hard to bring my other garden bed under control.  

Many people wonder how they can get so large.  It would seem that dogs and cats and snakes and small children would all but kill them off.  They have a weapon--poison!  You can't see them, but she has one large spot behind each eye.  There sits the paratoid gland, just waiting to be used.  They secrete the poison when any would be attacker picks them up.  In very extreme cases, it can cause death in pets. Mostly, it just causes foaming at the mouth and vomiting by idiot dogs who continue to hassle said toads.  In humans, I think your chances of getting peed on are far better than getting poisoned.  In either case, I just wash my hands.  

Yet another thing to add to "stuff is just bigger in Texas!"  She's useful, handsome and can take care of herself.  


  1. I love all things toad and frog. She is a beauty. My daughter has a series of Judy Moody books and is a member of the toad pee club. I have been one for years.

  2. How could I have missed those books! My DD is only 13 and I've never seen those books before. They look like great fun.
    I wanna be a member of the Toad Pee Club, too!

  3. teehee! I love the song to introduce this toad. Too cute!

    I love how you know so much about them, too. I learned something new today. Thanks!


  4. We love Judy Moody and if you ever had a toad pee on you, your in! Or should I say urine.

  5. What an impressive looking toad. She's toadally awesome!!!