Monday, August 4, 2008

Volunteer Update and Faith

Three point four pounds of volunteer goodness!  I harvested butternut squash that I did not plant.  The biggest one is similar in size to one you'd find at a market.  The other two are not any bigger than sweet potatoes, but they'll still get eaten.  Speaking of sweet potatoes, I have some of those growing too.  I didn't plant them either. Same with some Grape Tomatoes. Maybe I've started a new gardening movement--"Compost Gardening".  
*Throw a bunch of veggie scraps in your compost pile. * Wait a couple months until it looks/smells like compost, but really isn't done cooking yet. *Put it in your garden and distribute well. *Wait and see. *Enjoy the fruits of your (un)labor.

I find God in nature.  Some folks think it's a bunch of hooey, and I respect that.
Below are a couple pictures of Snow-on-the-Mountain.  It belongs to the Euphorbia species.  It is a native here in Texas and grows in the most awful soil.  The entire plant will get over 5 ft. tall if it gets a little water.

The God in these plants is the numbers. It grows and branches out in groups of three.  Reminiscent of the Trinity.  The second picture is especially comforting to me.  If you click on the picture, you'll see that in the center of the three branches of flowers, there is one single flower.  I choose for that to be humanity.  Namely, this human.  Sometimes I find my faith floundering.  Does God really exist?  Does he/she really ever reach out and prove existence?  Maybe it's a little childish, but I find stuff like this flower comforting.  Nature opens my eyes and holds up my faith.

Obviously, I've tweaked this picture a little bit.  This is the male version of the Green Anole girl that hangs out on my Morning Glories.  He's tough to get a picture of.  I saw him strutting his stuff, waving his dewflap, and ran in to get my camera. Of course the appearance of paparazzi caused him to run into my pomegranate tree, thus making a clean shot of him nearly impossible.  I had to bring up the light in the picture so you could see how pretty he really is.  When he sees his girlfriend, his colors are exaggerated in a wonderful way---anole blushing, I guess.  The blue around his eyes really comes out, the red in the dewflap is amazing, and his tail turns blue as well.  

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  1. Oh I love this post and I know that God is in nature. That Snow-on-the Mountain flower is beautiful. I love the trinity meaning behind it. Lovely.