Saturday, August 2, 2008

Up, Up and Away

What is it about a vine that needs to fight gravity?  I planted some Morning Glories along the fence below my deck.  Under the deck isn't the most attractive place--just boring.  I intended to train the vines along the fence, to cover it up. No matter how many times I unwind this particular vine and wind it in the fence, it finds its way back up again.  I also intended for this purple flower to be blue.  I planted "Heavenly Blue" and got who knows what.  I am pleased with the giant, heart-shaped leaves.  The thing is, out of the plantings (8 seeds), only two of the plants have leaves shaped like that.  The others are very small and shaped like a fleur de' lis.  It also has magenta flowers.
They are beautiful, just not what I wanted.  My favorite nursery, the Natural Gardener
has "Heavenly Blue" growing over the most spectacular arbor.  It's breathtaking.  I wanted breathtaking.  Instead of buying seeds from them and paying 'specialty' nursery prices, I paid $.99 at Home Depot.  I guess, you might get what you pay for? Thanks Burpee.

This little girl is a green anole.  I know it's a girl because she's missing a dewflap under her chin.  Her boyfriend hangs out in another part of the garden and struts about, waving his red dewflap at her.  She ignores him.  She's got bugs to eat.  Poor girl went on a scary field trip yesterday.  I'd taken houseplants outdoors to water and she hopped in one to check it out.  She waited to make a dash for it until I'd put the plant down on the dining room table.  I had a dickens of a time catching her. Thankfully, she didn't drop part of her tail, but she did try to bite me.  I'd try to bite a giant if it picked me up, too.  No worries, it's all good.  She's back at work this morning, keeping my mismatched morning glories free of bugs.  Now if she could do something about this one plant's need to climb up instead of over!


  1. Your Anole 'pet' is gorgeous!
    I love how you are always trying to save your local critters from injury.

    That top photo reminds me of a Christmas
    I'm guessing that your plants just enjoy surprising you. hehe

  2. I *love* that top picture! It made my eyes feel good to look at it! :-)

  3. You morning glory although not what you wanted still looks pretty and that anole is cute. I have never seen one.