Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three Guesses

Before you guess, click on the picture and study it in a larger format.

1. Deer poo from a deer who got into a box of those "Greenies" for dogs.

2. Donut seeds

3. Proof that chickens can see colors and have taste preferences.

If you guessed # 3, you're right!  Yesterday, I put out about 2 cups of stale Apple Jacks cereal.  They come in two colors---yellow and green.  Since the whole works is artificially flavored and colored, I figured they tasted the same. Well, evidently my chickens prefer the yellow ones over the green ones.  Do they taste different? Can they really see color?  I really never thought about it, but I was fascinated to go out an find this pile of uneaten green ones.  They feel the same way about green beans too.  I gave them some leftover pasta salad yesterday too.  They ate the orzo, herbs and chickpeas, but left the green beans.  They eat grass like it's going out of style, but won't eat green beans and green Apple Jacks.  Go figure?


  1. Ha ha ha....this is really funny.
    I have noticed that when I feed the chickens leftover fried rice, they'll gobble up the rice and the green peas, but leave very single piece of cubed carrot behind! :-)
    Gosh, they're just so darn cute!

  2. Wait, donut seeds!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! :-) :-)

    BTW, your "larger format" isn't coming through. If I click on the pic, it's the same size as the original.

  3. What, didn't you know you can buy donut seeds? ;)

    I don't know what's up with the picture not enlarging??

  4. Now. That's. Funny!

    When I first saw the photo, I thought, "Ok what has CeeCee found for us now. frog eyeballs? spider eggs?


  5. I thought it was pineapple rings.

  6. I thought it was those green gummy life saver things. Funny they are picky about the colors. My chickens love green beans and any other green thing. The funny thing they won't eat is left over good quality baker bread. The love the cheap stuff though.

  7. They'd have eaten the pineapple. Another thing they don't eat, that I think they would love is strawberries.

    Vonda, send me the left over bakers bread. I'll make croutons or French toast.