Monday, August 25, 2008

A Very Nice Award

This lovely award came from a new blogging friend, Vonda, over at The Little Egg Farm.  She blogs about family, and farm with vivid descriptions and pictures.  It always calms me just visiting her blog.  It's almost like being there.  

I would like to pass this award along to another blogger who always makes me think. They are in the "middle of nowhere" in Pennsylvania.  They go by the pseudonyms of 'Our Friend, Ben' and 'Silence Dogood'.  They have an occasional post by a friend, 'Poor Richard'.  The site is witty and full of friends, recipes and things that make you go, "hhmmm."  Please visit Poor Richard's Almanac.  Ben or Silence, if you see this, just put it in your treasure box or pass it along if you see fit.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, CeeCee!!! What a thrill to stagger home from having the shredded tire replaced and discover not just an award, but a "Thinking Blogger's Award" waiting for us! We could not be more honored (unless, ahem, you happen to be a MacArthur nominator, but that's another matter...). Our hero and mentor, Ben Franklin, would be proud! Though, of course, he would be typically ashamed of our Luddite limitations, since we have no clue as to how to post our award. however, we will appeal to the Higher Powers and will display it with pride, and pass it on, as soon as they rescue us! Thank you ever so much!!!---OFB, Silence, and Richard