Friday, August 15, 2008

Peek-A-Boo, I See You

I spent the entire day cleaning up my garden for fall plantings.  I also gave many of my perennial plants a small trim--dead heading mostly.  

Last spring I waited anxiously for the hatching of a praying mantis egg case.  I spotted nearly 50 mantids the day they hatched, and in the coming days I watched as they slowly dispersed or were eaten by bigger insects.  Today, I was so excited to spot one again. She's all grown up, wearing pink stockings to match the flower and a little pink eye shadow to match as well.  Her choice of outer wear is the most lovely shade of green to match the flower greenery where she spends her days. If you click on the picture below, you'll see that the wild side of her comes out in the bit of blue lipstick she's wearing.  

All silliness aside.  I think she's just stunning.  I love having tigers in the garden.  I left her alone to hunt as soon as I got these pictures taken.


  1. I love your tigers too! Great picture! Aren't praying mantis's just sooooo neat?

  2. I love the mantis too. Sitting on the deck one day I felt the crawly hair moving feeling on my upper arm. Instead of blindly swishing, I looked, it was baby mantis. I carefully allowed it to be scooped into my palm and then placed it in a spirea bush.

    They are why I hate using chemicals around the house to control roaches - spiders - ants.

  3. I can't manage to put out pesticides either. I love the 'good bugs' far too much to kill them. I've been lucky, the good bugs manage to keep most of the bad bugs in check.

  4. Great photo of the mantis. I don't see many of them in this area. Just occasionally. They are probably around but I never see them.