Saturday, August 23, 2008

If There Were a Picture in the Dictionary...

...under the definition of Indeterminate Plant, this is what you'd see.
This is just one plant.  A grape tomato plant, and a volunteer at that.  It decided to take up residence in a place that I and guests don't often see. Thus, my ability to just let it roam. Like all my other volunteers, I let it go to see what it would do.  Like the Energizer Bunny, 'it just keeps going and going...". It shows no sign of slowing down and has been my best producer thus far.  

Honestly, I just learned last year that there are Determinate tomatoes and Indeterminate toms.  Determinates tend to have a more compact plant and fruit that ripens more closely together.  In other words, the plant doesn't get out of hand, but your number of tomatoes is limited.  They just give up.  Indeterminates, on the other hand, will continue to grow and put on fruit until the first frost.  That means you will have to constantly be making sure to prop/tie up the plant, but it will keep it with putting the "T" in your BLTs.  Honestly, I haven't decided which is best for me.  My space is limited, but my need for homegrown tomatoes isn't.  I'm not a sauce maker or a canner.  I just want fresh, sliced tomatoes with dinner or on a sandwich.  
Which do you grow? Why?

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