Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbye Orcas, Hello Seattle

The morning we were slated to leave Orcas, I headed down to the beach one last time.  The tide was the lowest I'd seen, and it exposed far more rocky shore than in any previous morning.  Camera in hand, I found dozens of starfish.  They came in the bright purple you see here, and in pinkish-orange.  The kids said the orange ones reminded them of Patrick Star on Spongebob Squarepants.

Goodbye Orcas.  I plan on coming back.
After leaving Orcas, we had another several hours of travel---waiting for the ferry and then driving to Seattle once we reached the mainland.  Lee was hoping to get back to Seattle in time to see the Chittenden/Ballard Locks before they closed for the day.  We didn't get any pictures there.  A couple of the kids were having drama about being there at all.  There was nothing even remotely interesting about locks and fish ladders, as far as they were concerned.  I thought it was pretty amazing that humans were even a little bit concerned about fish and whether they could still get upstream.  
The next day was spent at the Seattle Center Complex.  We spent time at several of the attractions.  The picture above is the outside of the Experience Music Project. It reminds me of Darth Vader's helmet.   The inside was full of hands-on music experiences and exhibits about musicians.  The most interesting to me was the exhibit on Jimi Hendrix.  Pretty amazing man, in spite of his early demise.
What trip to Seattle would be complete without a visit to the Space Needle.  It was a fairly clear morning, so we could see for miles.  Bonus points to anyone who can identify which movie I'm thinking of in this shot.  Hint: Giant Cockroach.
I'm really trying to branch out in my picture taking.  Nature is much easier to capture than human beings.  This man was in the Seattle Center park.  I wanted a picture of him that wasn't posed, so I was standing a ways off.  Doggoneit, if folks didn't keep walking in front of him.  Didn't they see me standing 100 feet away with my telephoto lens? 
Again, picture out of order.  This is a sculpture in the entry hall of the Experience Music Project.  We weren't supposed to take any pictures of anything, so I stole this one off the internet.  If you put on headphones nearby, you could hear the "music" it was producing.  James is our guitar player, so we spent a lot of time looking at the different guitars and discussing the sculpture in general.


  1. My family and I had so much fun when we went to the EMP a few years ago. We spent hours there!

  2. Purple starfish??? I had absolutely no idea. What a thrill :)

    My son Jeremiah, the guitar enthusiast wants to know how that guitar made music?
    He thought the sculpture was cool.

  3. I meant to type "guitar sculpture' that made music. sorry.

  4. How cool. My husband and I are going to a wedding next weekend in Seattle. It will be nice to spend a little time there again. It has been several years since we were last there. I love the space needle and the only movie I can think of is Sleepless in Seattle.

  5. The guitar sculpture made a weird, sort of new age music sort of sound. Not what I'd call music. Still very cool.

    The movie was Men in Black. The roach was headed to the space needle to escape. The needle was really a space ship. He had the medical examiner woman in his grip and dropped her. She fell into a nearby pine tree. Just couldn't resist the shot.

  6. Hey, here I live clear across the country, but I've actually been to Seattle. It's such a neat place! I'd love to go back. I didn't have enough time to see everything. Spent a lot of it in the Science Fiction Museum next to EMP. And went to the top of the Space Needle... didn't seem right to go to Seattle and not do that!

  7. Oh, I almost forgot, I knew instantly what movie you were talking about. Seen it bunches of times... got a copy at home! (Have you figured out yet I'm a huge sci-fi fan? ;-))

  8. I was going to say MIB. I love that movie. Edgars wife, the Edgar suit, Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones.

    That starfish is beyond cool.

  9. I also have a copy of MIB. We can recite the entire scene where Vincent D'Norfrio becomes the roach..."More sugar!" and then when his wife is being interviewed..."He was like wearing an 'Egger' suit" She just killed me with that accent.