Friday, August 29, 2008

Freaky Friday

I think most folks wonder if I love bugs.  Really, I don't think much about them one way or the other.  I take pictures of them because they are willing subjects.  For the most part, they are doing something (eating) that overrides their fear of humans. I would very much like to take pictures of birds, butterflies, and bees, but they are flighty--no pun intended.
So, below are some pictures of willing subjects.  If you're brave, don't forget to click on the pictures so you can see them close up.
Young Katydid.  The extra leg you see, sticking out to the left, doesn't belong to him. I must have caught him at the very end of his meal.  
I'm sure this slug has a scientific name, but I can't find it.  It is over 5 inches long.  I found it wandering through the grass of the house we rented on Orcas Island, WA. When James saw this picture he wanted to know why I'd taken a picture of poo. Admit it, you thought the same thing, too.  
Cicada shell on Purple Fountain grass.  I would love to get a picture of a cicada emerging from its shell, but that only happens at night.  I love sleep more.
Cicada shell on Copper Canyon Daisy.
Cicada shell on Mexican Bush Sage. I like how the shell is still covered in dirt.  

A new find.  Okay, I was excited about this one.  I called my family and neighbor to come see.  We've had this Flowering Senna bush/tree for 3 years.  I have taken many pictures of other bugs on this bush and never seen caterpillars before.  This cat, and his 20+ brothers and sisters are going to become Cloudless Sulfur Butterflies.  A website I checked out says the cats come in two colors--green or yellow.  They think it depends on whether the cats eat the flowers or the leaves, but aren't sure.  All my cats are eating flowers.


  1. Vey cool pics! I have pics of a cicada after it is out, drying it's wings on the shell, but that's the best I've gotten as well. My kids are enthralled with them! :)

  2. Those are very cool pictures. I especially love the caterpillar.

  3. Great photos. You times that katydid one just right...eating and all!

  4. I enjoyed your pictures. The only one I recognized(being from Washington) is the slug.

  5. Love the bug pics. How do you get any sleep with that many cicadas around?

  6. OOOoo, if you like those bugs, stayed tuned this week for my daughter's newest find.

    I've only once seen a cicada drying and the poor thing was being pawed by my dog. Not even dry enough to "buzz" her.
    We sleep with the cicadas and katydid's music by having double pane windows.;)

    Welcome Boondoxgirl! I thought I was the only one that knew that word--boondoxs!