Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

James. Age 9. (almost 10) 4th Grade
Pearl. Age 13. (almost 14) 8th grade
Tom. Age 16. 11th grade

Where did the summer go? Where did the time go? What blows my mind is that this is the year of the PSAT and looking at colleges for Tom. Wasn't he a cute, fuzzy haired baby just yesterday?


  1. Taylor starts tomorrow and I'm really not ready. She is, but I'm not. She's my baby and a sophomore already.

  2. I just found your blog. What beautiful kids! It's great that you get first day photos. It all goes so fast, i am sure that you treasure the memories.

  3. Thanks for the kind words!
    Whoa, a sophomore----does that mean she may be driving this year?
    SMR, I'll head over and check out your blog. THanks for visiting.

  4. Like I said last time, the kids have grown a foot (or more) since I saw them this time last year. Give them all my love!

  5. Gosh! Your kids are just gorgeous!!

    Your oldest still has that baby face, tousled hair look. I bet you just want to snuggle him right up sometimes....instead of thinking about colleges. gah!

    We don't start homeschool around here until after Labor Day. It's kind of a tradition for me because when I was a child, my birthday was celebrated on Labor Day (it's really on the 4th), and school didn't start until after Labor Day, too.

    So, in our house Labor Day marks the true end of summer, the beginning of school and Fall, and another year older for me! hehe

  6. September 5th is James' birthday. It happened that Labor Day fell on the 5th that year. All the Labor/Delivery nurses thought it was great fun that I was in labor on Labor Day. Ha, very funny---not.

    I never started school before LD, and always got out the end of May. I guess they've added some days to the school calendar OR given us more holidays.

  7. HOw funny...laboring on Labor day! hehe

    Sorry, but that is kind of unique.

    Hey, I my due date for my twins was Valentines Day. They came a week early. I don't think I would have liked having to give up a romantic dinner for a Star wars Twin Birthday party! hehe

    I think why school starts so early is to allow for teacher days and weather.
    As homeschoolers, we don't have 'snow days' and I don't find parent/teacher conferences necessary. :)

  8. Is it just the photos or are your kiddos tall? They look tall. Makes you kind of sad to think that they are going to be flying the nest in a short while doesn't it. Another phase of life. My birthday is on the 6th and it always marked the beginning of school. I never got to have a birthday party because of that. Too much going on. Poor me. OK I'm done feeling sorry for myself. Cute kids.

  9. My kids aren't out of the ordinary as far as height. I think it's because I put them against vertical backgrounds. Pearl looks taller than she is, because she's all legs.