Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Day of Gardening

My youngest, James, is getting bit by the gardening bug.  He helped me clean up the beds a couple days ago, and yesterday helped me prepare and plant in those same beds.
We have a few plants that are still hanging on.  Pomegranates, Peppers and Sweet Potatoes.  That's it.  It's time to plant for a late fall harvest.

You may wonder what funky topping we put on this bed.  It's cayenne.  Because this bed is unprotected, I have to coat it every couple days with a coating of pepper. The dogs would find it impossible not to dig and roll in it otherwise.  I can just hear their singing voices...."Foooorrr Mmeeeeee!?".  We planted Red Pontiac potatoes here this year.  They are far, far away from their normal spot.  I had a case of Early Blight in my spring potatoes.  We'll see how they do in this bed.  It doesn't get nearly as much sun as I'd like.

In the same bed as you see the Sweet Potatoes, we planted Green Bean (Provider) and Collard(Georgia Southern) seeds.  In early-mid September, we'll put out Broccoli and Brussels Sprout transplants. They will overwinter with some protection.  I was told by a master gardener that the brassica family is much sweeter if it's exposed to colder temperatures.  Last year we found that to be true.  In October I hope to try Spinach and Leaf Lettuces again.  The snails, pillbugs and slugs made quick work of those things last fall.  

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  1. I have never grown sweet potatoes. The cayenne pepper is a great idea. I would have never thought of that. Come on over to my blog. I have passed an award on to you.