Thursday, July 31, 2008

What I'm Doing on Friday Night

I I have evidently been living under a rock for a couple years. I crawled out from under it about 10 days ago. This book series is the new Harry Potter.  I missed it somehow??

Pearl came home from school several days last year, all in a huff.  "All my friends are reading this stupid vampire romance book and that's all they talk about.  They want me to read it, but it sounds dumb." I told her she didn't have to read what she didn't want to.  When school finished up, it was forgotten.

I called my friend, DD, right before I went to church camp to see if she'd read any good books lately.  I had exactly one hour by myself each day, and I wanted to read. She suggested a book "that I've read twice and I never read books twice!"  She named it--"Twilight".  It didn't ring a bell for some reason.  I wasn't able to locate it before camp, but saw it at a bookstore later and bought it without even looking to see what it was about.  I brought it home and heard a loud, "Arrrggghhh! My own mother! How could you be such a traitor!"  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Turns out I had bought the very book she'd spent all year avoiding.  I reminded her that she didn't have to read anything she didn't want to.  

I read about 20 pages and was hooked, line and sinker!  It's Romeo and Juliet, Bad Boy and Good Girl, Fantasy and Reality, all rolled into one book.  It is not some "vampire romance novel"---well, it is, but it's soooo much more.  I laid the book down to make dinner, and Pearl picked it up.  She tried very hard to look unimpressed.  She read it, all 550+ pages in 36 hours!  We rushed right out and got the second book (700+ pages).  All done in 48 hours.  Third book (630 pages), three days.  She had to finish the third book by this Friday.  That's where I come back in.

Friday night at 12:01 am (technically Saturday morning), we will be at Barnes and Noble with 9 of her friends purchasing the fourth and final book, Breaking Dawn. We will arrive at 8:30pm to get in line for the 9pm purchasing bracelets.  Since we've pre-ordered the book, the bracelet issue isn't such a big deal.  At 10pm, the festivities begin.  I've been told there'll be a costume contest, a scavenger hunt, trivia contests, random giveaways and general merriment.  There will also be the big debate about whether Bella will become a vampire and stay with Edward forever and ever, amen.

Following our purchases and several cups of coffee on my part, I will put 7 of the nine girls in my Expedition and bring them home to my house.  The party will continue with extreme book reading,  and consumption of all things fatty, sugary, salty, and crunchy.  I'm hoping that some sleeping might occur before their parents arrive at 10am on Saturday morning.  You know what, I don't really care if they sleep.  That's their parents problem.  

Personally, I hope Bella becomes a vampire.  I'll be extremely ticked if she doesn't. I'm just starting the 3rd book.  I have about 24 hours to finish it.  You know what, remind me to take a chair.  I'm too old to sit on the floor for nearly 5 hours. :)


  1. You are quite the mom, dragging a bunch of teenagers to the book store in the middle of the night! So fun!! I'm not a harry potter fan but wonder if I might like this, I've been polishing off books pretty quickly lately and need a new read.

  2. Don't you love books that excite your kids and you. Now i want to read them. I wish I lived closer cause that party sounds cool!

  3. Sarah, I laid in bed last night and thought about this post. I left out a very important part--Edward's family don't drink human blood, so they are able to be a part of the community. Not that they don't want to, they just choose not to. Missing, thankfully, are all the cliches' about vampires (sun, garlic, coffins, etc.) One of the things that keeps you hooked is that Bella and Edward hardly ever touch. It's too tempting for him to give her a quick chomp. You just want to scream "Kiss her, dangit!"

    Michelle, I love that Pearl is excited about this series. Two things have/will become problems. She can't do anything else, she can't even hear--she's just buried in the book. Also, after she finishes the book we buy tonight, it will be over. She will be sad. Our family felt that way when the 7th Harry Potter came out.

    We will enjoy it while we may. Maybe she'll read the series over again. Maybe she missed something?

  4. I have not read these yet but have several friends who became hooked. I will have to go buy them.