Saturday, July 12, 2008

Out for a Week

"Eating Class"

I'll be going to be a counselor at our church camp for elementary age kids this week. I'm teaching the "Eating Class", as it became apparent to me several years ago that kids this age really just want to eat what we make in "Cooking Class".

I woke up this morning with the dread that I won't be sleeping in my own bed with my own sweet, hubby again until next Saturday night. I'll admit that we have pretty luxurious digs at camp---at least our cabins have bunkbeds with matteresses, a bathroom and a window unit A/C. What's really weird about this process of sleeping at camp is that it takes me at least 2 nights to get used to the noise put out by the window unit--similar to a jet landing in the 20 x20 room. When I get home it takes me a couple nights to get used to the extreme quiet in my own bedroom.

It's supposed to hover at 100* all week. We'll be harping on the kids to drink lots and lots of water. The cabins are the only place on the campground with A/C. Say a little prayer that no one gets overheated. Heat exhaustion is evidently not much fun.

My older two kids have already gone to their camps. This is James' camp. I will be at the same camp as him, but rarely get to talk to him. I have to seek him out for a good morning hug and a goodnight kiss---and then I have to sneak it. Wouldn't want to embarrass him in front of his homeboys. He'll be a little bit of home, right there in camp. I really miss my hubby, other two kids and my silly pets when I'm away. Yes, 40-somethings can get homesick. Gotta a problem with that? :)

I'll have anywhere from 5 to 7 girls in my cabin. I'm responsible for them 24/7 for a week. They don't belong to me. It's my job to remember "WWJD?" when I want to strangle them. Believe it or not, even little second grade girls can have attitudes and be downright mean to other little girls. We have a rule in my cabin---No Whispering. Little girls whisper about other little girls, and it's not ever anything like, "She has the cutest t-shirt on, I wonder where I can get one". It's usually something like, "She's wearing the ugliest t-shirt, how can we be mean to her all day and make her cry." Actually, they are for the most part, a great group of girls. They are out of their element and pecking orders have to be established. By the end of the week, they are hanging on each other's necks, sobbing, because they don't want to leave each other. By then, we all have matching t-shirts that are camp t-shirts and have our theme printed on them.

Talk to you next Saturday or Sunday. Have a great week.

PS..I forgot to tell a bit of funny on my oldest, Thomas---He says that WWJD? stands for "Who Wants Jelly Donuts". It's just like him to be dry and silly like that. That's why I love him. I won't get to see him for a bazillion days---he will be leaving for 10 days to another camp before I get home. Hugs to you, Tom, if you see this.


  1. It's my job to remember "WWJD?" when I want to strangle them.

    I laughed out loud. After many years of Girl Scout camp, I know what you're saying. I hope you have a GREAT time!

  2. I already love Thomas for his creative sense of humor. My Jeremiah is like that, too. Does Thomas like to read alot?
    Jeremiah does and is very into creative thinking and writing due to his time reading, I think.

    I remember the whispering back when I was a girl scout in camp, too. It's good that you will be keeping on top of that.
    What kinds of items will you be teaching the girls how to cook?

    I know what you mean about being homesick, too. It's fun to get away, but it's also like you're missing something important.

    I often bring along a special something from home. Usually my down pillow, my heating pad (yep, I'm over 40, too) and sometimes a stuffed velvet teddybear.

    Do you take along any comforts from home, too?

  3. Thomas no puede leer. Porque, Thomas le gusta mantequilla de mani y pantalones anaranjados.

    Amor, Thomas

  4. Thomas, as usual, you make me smile. Amor, Mom