Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Should Know This

If a person is going to run a volunteer organization, you think they'd have a clue what all the volunteers are supposed to be doing.  They should also know when the job is finished.

I am the crew chief in my garden.  A couple of my plants this year are volunteers.  I have searched books and Uncle Google to find out when to harvest my butternut squash and my sweet potatoes.  I got no answers.  Poor things, they are giving it their all.  No breaks. Fighting off invading bugs.  Enduring long periods without water.  Sweating out extreme temperatures. Their proud leader has no clue when they will be done with their hard work.  Does anyone have a clue what to tell my intrepid volunteers?  When will they be able to finish up?


  1. Winter squash are ready to be cut when the stem is woody.

  2. Sweet potatoes are done when the plant dies back.