Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home Again

There should be more to that title, as many things have happened in my absence; but I'm sticking with it anyway.
Camp was, for the most part, wonderful.  We had 55 campers.  Our director was in her element and the kids enjoyed her leadership.  Our staff, while short on teenage help (because of another church activity elsewhere), managed to stay upbeat despite the oppressive heat.  God helped us out by providing a lovely breeze throughout the week.  My Eating Class went well.  Usually I have a couple rowdy kids that seem to put the whole class on edge--not so this year.  Hurray!
The one thing that made the camp less than perfect for me was a couple girls in my cabin.  Unfortunately for them, their hang ups are 100% their parents fault.  I'm convinced that there ought to be a test you have to pass before having children. Geez, you have to pass a written test to drive a car, why not to have kids?  One poor girl was so angry she couldn't see straight.  Her anger is the product of two parents, who in their divorce, can not manage to be civil to each other.  "My parents hate each other so much, they can't live in the same city!"  The poor girl wore that around all week.  She couldn't get along with anyone and refused to be loved.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get through to her.  Many times I had to fuss at her because of her hateful attitude, I hated doing it every time.  I knew what was driving her, but couldn't let her hurt other's feelings.  It was obvious that her parents use her to transport their venomous feelings toward each other.  What they don't understand is that when they cut down the other parent, "Your father is such a looser. Your mother is a hateful @%#^&$*!",  that they are really cutting her down.  She is 1/2 the other parent by blood! Auugghh!  It was a good thing that neither parent showed up to pick her up (she was taken home by another church member), I might have embarrassed myself.
The other girl in my cabin just kept me up too late.  She, going into fifth grade, is afraid of the dark and afraid to sleep by herself.  Her folks lay with her until she falls asleep and they let her keep the bedroom and hall light on all night. I asked her dad to work on that over the next year.  Being awakened several times during the night was exhausting.

I got home, took a shower and took a nap.  I spent Sunday afternoon tending to my very overgrown garden.  In the picture you can see what is happening to my poor pomegranate tree.  It was so heavy with fruit that it was beginning to tip and the branches were forced into the "weeping" position.  I hated to do it, but I trimmed off about 50% of the fruit.  Many were not ever going to get large enough to eat, so off they came.  The tree feels much better.

In the continuing saga of appliance breakage, my vacuum (3 years old) gave up the ghost while I was gone.  The appliances are winning.  Here's what we have since May---air conditioner, hot water heater, refrigerator, dryer...dryer...dryer... and now the vacuum.  Our dishwasher is leaking water and you have to hold your mouth just right for the start button to work, but it ain't officially broke yet. :)  I've spent far too much time on Consumer Reports and Consumer Complaints online. What I've decided is that you should always buy the low end appliance, because no matter how much you pay, you're going to have to replace it  in 3-5 years anyway. Really.  I just wonder if we aren't headed toward a pile of broken appliances somewhere that rival the mess Wall-E was picking up in the movie?


  1. I'm so glad you are back. What a great thing you did. I don't know if i could handle children out numbering me for a whole week.
    What is up with your appliances? I guess mine are all so old that they were made before they started making them disposable. I actually wouldn't mind not having a vacuum, I could use it as an excuse for why I seldom vacuum.

  2. I have to take exception to your comment "I couldn't get through to her." The conversation (though one-sided) that you had with her regarding life events that she had no control over did produce a reaction and I'M SURE was tucked away in her little psyche. Don't be surprized if you get a call or email from the little dickens this year. And I'll be switched if she doesn't come back next year.....of her own volition. You were a phenominal temporary mother to your little chicks and a quite fun and supportive staff member otherwise. I was pleased and happy to work with you again. Thanks for giving up a week of your time to serve our precious campers. Ta - Juju

  3. Sugar, don't know what's up with my appliances. It's a conspiracy. They all meet in my driveway, drink beer, smoke pot and try to figure out how to get in my wallet. Right now, I'm thinking of refurbing my old, Hoover Windtunnel.

    Juju, thanks for the kind comments. It's hard to see what is going right sometimes, when it feels like you are failing. I hope to hear from my little chickadee this year. I prayed so hard for her the last day of camp, and continue to do so.

  4. Welcome home, ceecee! I was enthralled by the stories you told in this post. I loved txjuju's comments about how you *did* make a difference for this girl, even if you didn't see it. You were there, you were stable, you were always available and...you understood. Even if you did have to "get firm" with her, you were what a parent should be, instead of the selfish people she has now. Poor girl.
    I'll bet you are happy to sleep in your own bed again, though!

  5. I'm glad you're back CeeCee. Thanks for sharing your experiences while there. I can kind of relate to what that one girl was going through. Rough times.

    Sorry about the appliances. Funny how we love having them around for the convenience, but crazy how they often end up being an inconvenience! :P

  6. Hey, I'm so glad you're back! I missed your stories on your blog, and comments on my blogs!

    I agree with previous comments... you probably made more difference than you relized.

    & good luck with those rotten appliances. A case of can't live without them.... but not doing so well trying to work with them either!