Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cliche' Thursday or The Dramedy Continues

Behind Every Cloud, There is a Silver Lining.

My "Certified GE repaiman", Jake was true to his word and showed up to fix the dryer.  I was so elated he was coming today, otherwise he couldn't come until next Monday "at the earliest".  The dryer gods must be smiling on me--finally.  
I got the call from the GE service center computer telling me he was on his way at 7:45 am.  NO WAY!  You mean I don't have to wait around all day??  Now I knew the dryer gods were finally smiling on me. 
I put the dogs away before he got here.  The computer call says that all dogs and cats must be put away or the repairman can't come in the house.  I guess dogs know that GE appliances are trash and bite the repairman, just to make a statement. Don't know why cats are a problem.  I guess the GE repair center wants to be politically correct---we wouldn't want to single out dogs as always being the bad guys.

Lee is working from home today, so I went in my bedroom with the dogs and proceeded to get ready for the day.  If Jake showed up, Lee could let him in.  I heard a knock at the door, the dogs went postal, heard Jake and Lee exchange a few words and then Lee came and let the dogs out of the bedroom.  "Honey, don't let the dogs out, they'll bother Jake!" "No they won't, he left."  HUH!  The Jake and Lee exchange went something like this.

Jake: Hi, I'm Jake.  Do you have the part?
Lee: Huh, I thought you had the part.  Why would we have the part?
Jake: Well, it didn't come to the shop and I thought maybe it might have been shipped here.
Lee: You're kidding right?
Jake: No, I'm not.  How about I call later today and see if it gets delivered in todays mail.
Lee: You're kidding right?
Jake: No, really, I'm not.  I'll call later.  Maybe I can swing by at the end of the day if the part comes here to your house.

The real question is, if he has our phone number, why didn't he just call us in the first place to see if we'd gotten the part instead of driving all the way out here?  I guess that would make too much sense.  GE is not making any brownie points with me.  And I thought I hated Sears.

The Silver Lining------Jake showed up at 8:15 am instead of 5:15 pm to ask us if we had the part.  We aren't stuck here at the house for another entire day.  


  1. Dramedy indeed!

    Good luck getting that darn thing fixed.

  2. I hardly know what to say.

    All I know is that I have some serious newfound respect for you in finding a silver lining in such a frustrating situation......

  3. Yes, It's that well worn serenity prayer that gets me through--"accept the things you cannot change". Over at the GE service center (where ever the heck that is), you never get to talk to a human being. "Press one for...Press 2 for..." I could rant and rave and threaten to burn the place down, but only the computers would hear me.

    Btw, the service man never called back yesterday afternoon to see if the part came in yesterdays mail. Surprise!

  4. Wow! You're a patient patient woman.

  5. Just think of the savings on your electric bill. Ok, that was a silver lining stretch, sorry.

  6. Argh! I *hate* waiting around on repairmen. And that sure was strange, with the guy expecting the part to be mailed to your house. As you said, at least he came early so you didn't wait around all day just to hear him say he can't fix your dryer. Hope they get their act together soon!