Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Broken, No More

You know, I was really quite positive that when Jake, the "Certified GE repairman" showed up today, that the dryer would not get fixed.  I could feel it in my bones.  It just wouldn't be right.  I was almost sure that I was going to be able to tell people that, "My dryer was broken and it took them an entire month to fix it!" If Jake had waited until the 13th, I would have been able to make that delicious claim.  I was going to have a T-shirt made, for goodness sakes!  I would be hailed as a hero for not killing the GE CEO.  It wasn't Jake's fault the dryer is garbage. 

Three things stand out in this little dramedy as ironic.

1. I originally called another repair service first.  They said, "We can't get out until next Tuesday."  At that point, that would have been a whole week away and I had 5 loads of laundry to tackle.  I called the GE repair center and they could be out in two days.  What do you bet, that first repair center would have had it fixed in under 26 days?

2. The parts you see below are as follows.  The group on the left is a "gotta use these if you use propane" widget.  The one on the right is a Heat Sensor.   Here's the ironic part---the one on the left is brand new, it came out of a cabinet above our dryer.   A little light bulb went on inside my head when Jake was explaining what had gone wrong.  He said the dryer had never had a propane widget installed and has no idea how it ran so smoothly for 2 years.  It had been running on a natural gas widget.  They are different, apparently.  The propane widget had burned out the Heat sensor, thus the dryer would not dry clothes.  We never switched out the dryer to a propane hookup from a natural gas one.  We had the part, but never did it.  We broke our own dryer!!

3. The most ironic and painful part of all this---the bill was nearly $400.  We could have bought a brand new one!!  

Jake was kind enough to leave me with these wise words, "Those units will be toast in about two years.  Don't buy GE again."  This coming from a "Certified GE repairman". Where the heck was he when we were wandering around Home Depot picking out a new washer and dryer?  Couldn't repairmen and women have superpower anonymity? By day they repair the garbage that we call appliances, by night they wander through Sears, Home Depot, and Lowes (in a costume that hides their identity, of course) and whisper in people's ears---"Don't buy that one, I work on those all the time. I don't work on that one much at all. Be sure to buy the 5 year extended warranty on that one if you really, really have to have it." Then, we'd slip them a $20, 'cuz they just saved us hundreds of dollars in repair costs and saved the landfills from filling up with broken appliances.   


  1. Yay!! Hooray!
    Now don't you go wear it out in the next few days, overloading it with all your laundry! haha

    But maybe you've got so used to your laundry hung in the sun that you'll just use the dryer for rainy days?

    Either way, I'm really happy this frustrating chapter in your life is O.V.E.R..

  2. Oh man, CeeCee, I SO understand your pain. First of all, congrats and a happy dance that your dryer is FIXED. Second, when we had a pipe in our basement burst in April, we were distressed that it would take a few weeks to repair and two of our bedrooms would be out of commission. 85 days (!! almost 3 months)later, the repair company finished. It was a comedy of errors, one after another after another get the picture. I really SO understand your pain. :-)