Monday, June 30, 2008

The Weirdest Thing Happened

I was in my house and looked out over the pool.  It looked like the water was dancing.  My pool deck was getting wet in large circles, like bubbles had popped. There was a loud drumming noise on my roof.  I went outside to investigate the strange noises and sights and was immediately hit with the distinct scent of old pennies and dirt.  You know how the sense of smell holds the strongest memories, well the smell of pennies brought back the memory of things being wet from a strange liquid that falls from the sky.  What's it called again?  Wait, it's right on the tip of my tongue......rain!  
Glorious rain!  We got measurable rain!! According to our handy, dandy AcuRite rain gauge, we got a 1/2 inch.  It's very scientific, as you can tell, but not too hard to decipher.  I swear, the birds and plants seem to be doing their own version of the Happy Dance this morning.  Loud songs from the birds and an upright, greener stance in the plants.  
The last measurable rain we got was April 26th!  Two months of trying to keep my garden alive with smelly old, mineral filled well water.  Thank goodness for well water, but my plants don't like it much.  I was whining about the state of my garden to a Master Gardener a while ago.  I was wondering why my gardens seem to suffer despite all my efforts with the garden hose and sprinkler system.  He simply said, "It isn't rain.  Rain is rain, period.  It's a different thing all together than any water you add from the garden hose."  I guess he's right.  Imagine that, a Master Gardener knowing more about gardening than me. :)


  1. Wow, what's wrong with this picture? Wet and temperate Oregon is having the heatwave and Texas is getting measurable rainfall? Very odd, indeed! Lucky that you didn't have a number of those rain gauges about the place - you might have gone insane wondering what the TRUE amount of rainfall was. ha ha HA!!!

  2. Hooray! I am doing a happy dance for you too.

  3. Yay CeeCee!
    Interesting that rain is better than mineral well water. I guess we don't get acid rain anymore?

    I'm glad your plants and animals are getting reprieve, though.
    Weird weather we're having this year, yes?

    Usually our nights are warmer this time of year, but every afternoon and night the temps drop from the 80's down to the low 50's!
    That's a 30 degree difference between night and day!

  4. Danni, I think I'd go crazy if we had more than one rain gauge! I don't know how you do it with all the weather gauges.
    Thank Katie!
    Lisa, I'm guessing we don't have an acid rain problem here, because we aren't near major industrial areas. The minerals that come out of our well mostly just clog the plant's ability to take in water properly. Our temperatures normally have a 20* swing, it's just that it happened so early in the year.

  5. Hooray for rain! Glad you got some before you totally forgot what that sound and smell was! :)
    Hopefully it won't take so long before the next comes along.