Monday, June 16, 2008

Three Guesses

1. I've visited a little side street in New Orleans, and of course, being Monday, it's laundry day.  Red beans and Rice are inside cooking right now. 

2. I've visited a ranch where they free-range their laundry.  It's much more humane than tumbling the poor things around in a dryer.  The socks get separated and there is much mooing, or braying, or mewing, or whatever sound socks make when they are apart.  

3. I've visited La-La land where there is much discussion with a broken appliance regarding it's ability to dry clothing.  Particularly clothing that a certain son needed to pack for camp at 11:50 pm, Saturday night.  In La-La land, I have more discussions with said appliance on Sunday.  I keep giving it another chance to be the fine, upstanding 2 year old that it should be.  It keeps sticking its tongue out at me, like all 2 year olds do!  It tells me to get out the close-pins and season them in the sunshine, so I can make cute little reindeer replicas at Christmas.

Have you guessed yet? 

I'm all for going green, just not unexpectedly!  It's amazing that I even had any close pins.  I couldn't figure out why there weren't a hundred in the bag like it said on the outside. I could have used the missing ones, but they are painted brown, have googly eyes on them, have brown pipe cleaners glued on, and tiny red fuzzy things glued on for noses.  Have any idea what I made?

When I discovered, very late on Saturday night that the dryer wasn't working, I did what any other good mother would do---I told Thomas he'd have to pick out some different clothes to take to camp.  Luckily, he could tell that my need for sleep was greater than his need to take a certain shirt to camp.  Never get between a mom and her pillow!  Thanks, Thomas, for not fussing!!

Sunday dawned and I took another look.  I thought maybe it had miraculously cured itself during the night.  Taken a Tums or something?  Not!  I can hear when the gas lights up, but it won't stay on.  It burns for a moment and then shuts off---over and over.  My dryer is one of those new front loading ones.  It has a "dry" sensor.  You can dry your clothes to damp, slightly dry, dryer than that, dry, and down right crispy.  I'm guessing that the sensor is on vacation in Alaska, tired of the heat.

Here it is Monday night and I haven't done anything more than horrify myself online reading about appliance nightmares.  Originally, I was looking for a "Certified GE Repairman".  I got sticker shock at their "just to come out and look" price and started net-surfing.  I opened something called  Scary, scary stuff!  Folks write in with their complaints about appliances.  I called Lee at camp and told him I was headed out to get a washboard, some line and some clothes pins, 'cuz we aren't going to buy one more new appliance, ever, ever again!  

Our 'top of the line' kitchen appliances (Kenmore Elite) have been nothing but trouble.  Don't buy them!  We thought we'd done the right research when buying new washer and dryer units.  We went with GE.  Lotta good it did us.  Obviously, this has turned into a rant.  I am channeling my dead parents when I say, "Why can't they make things to last like they used to?"  But really, why?!  

I'm gonna stop.  I'm tired and sweaty from hanging socks and towels and t-shirts out for all my neighbors to see.  Luckily I have some nice pool chairs to lay our dainties on.  I want the neighbors to still invite us to their 4th of July party.  I'm not sure that seeing my underwear is the way to ensure that invite.


  1. Or is hanging your unmentionables in viewing range a GOOD way to guarantee an invite to a July 4th neighborhood BBQ....? Hmmmm.

  2. Oh Gosh CeeCee. I should totally not be laughing, but you post and the way you wrote it just cracked me up.

    You're such a Pioneer woman, ready to do what needs to be done, even if that means digging out the reindeer clothes pins and pinning yor dainties on the pool chairs. hehe

    We've had bad luck with washer and dryers and most appliances, but more than 7 years ago we bought our MayTag Atlantis washer and dryer set and they've been moved twice and used in excess for our family of five and still work great. I could not be happier.

    Hope you can get your old one fixed for cheap or find a new one for a great deal. Going 'Green' is way over rated. hehe

  3. I pick #3! Did I guess right? Although #1 sounds pretty nice. Well now I'm not sure.

    You are hysterical! Such a sad tale told with such emotion, I laughed, I cried, then I made rice and beans for some reason.

    I have heard some of the new washer and dryers with all the bells and whistles have more parts to break and WILL BREAK. Hubbie keeps wanting to replace our old pair and I tell him that if he wants to keep wearing the clean and dry pants in the family, he better not touch my old reliables.

  4. Appliances are devilish things. They seem to wait until the weekend to break down if you need a repairman, or if it was something your husband could fix, when he's away.

    I'm afraid I wouldn't make a good pioneer. I *like* a washer and dryer and fridge and freezer. (And computer ;-)) But I also like them to work without fuss. Doesn't happen near often enough.

    Nicely told story. Hope things are fixed soon. It's maddening to have to fix something so soon after you bought it - 2 years is not very long for an appliance! Good luck!

  5. Katie--Ha, you haven't seen my unmentionables.
    Twinville-knock on some wood, girl! You'll curse yourself bragging about your MayTag!!
    Sugarcreek--stick to your guns, DO NOT fix what ain't broken.
    Rural-It's funny how we rely on things to work and how it throws our life off kilter when they don't.

    Update on the Dryer---After several calls, I found someone to come out. Many places I called didn't even call me back. Do you think maybe they're overrun with broken appliance housecalls? A couple places could come out "sometime the week of the 30th"--you gotta be kidding me! Finally, after the appropriate amount of whining, I talked someone into coming out this Friday. Guess what my time window is---8am to 5pm. I wouldn't call that a window, I'd call that a garage door. Oh well, better fixed, than not. :)

  6. I read recently that the people here (Oz) who make Hills Hoists (THE outdoors rotary clothesline) are considering the US market with the increased green conscience. Outdoor drying is a way of life (I have an undercover one in a wind tunnel too, which I standing in the sun and keeps the darks dark).

    Sun dried bed linen is delish.

    When my sis was way overdue with her last child, neighbours said they knew when he finally arrived, they'd been keeping watch with binoculars on her clothesline for nappies! Farming district.

    I hope that person turned up, in that big fat window.

  7. hehe Ceecee, I wasn't bragging. I was just giving my washer and dryer some kudos so they'll feel appreciated.
    It really does make a difference. After going through too mnay broken appliances, I learned the hard way! (wink-wink)