Friday, June 6, 2008

Tarantula Season

I figured it was only fair to warn you in the title about the information that I plan on sharing. I think by now, it's very clear that I love all creatures unless they sting. They can be cute and cuddly or what some folks consider creepy. I still think they're cool.

The only time we ever see tarantulas is in the early summer. They are always male. They go on scouting expeditions for girlfriends in the middle of the day. Usually tarantulas are purely nocturnal, but when love is in the air, all bets are off. These boys get on a mission and can't be swayed from their course--even by women with cameras.

Some folks are brave and pick them up. I don't sky dive and I certainly don't pick up spiders with large fangs. Yes, I know I pick up snakes, but they have a business end that is easily avoided. When you pick up a tarantula, the fangs come with the body. I digress. The reason I like the little critters is because they are useful, just like snakes. Ha, I knew there was a reason I was talking about snakes and spiders in the same post----they are both useful against pests that cause humans to shriek and get diseases. These spiders make meals out of scorpions and red-headed centipedes; both of which serve no earthly purpose on this planet but to bite/sting humans. That's probably not true, but it sounds reasonable.

Anyway, I've had my camera ready this week, just waiting until I came across one of the big guys. Yesterday was the day. All is right with the world. Summer has begun because tarantulas are on the march of procreation.


  1. When we lived in Arizona (as kids) my little brother found a tarantula on the side of the house, put him on his shoulder then rode his bike up to the Arcade. Of course it freaked out my Mom. It was hillarious! He then let it go at the end of the day. Good times. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  2. Very cool! Very, very cool! What a great picture! BiL

  3. Way cool! We used to have a pet tarantula when the kids were younger. Once when it shed its' skin it stayed pretty whole, so I carried it in my hand to show 4 teenage girls that were visiting. For some reason, they all ended up practically standing on the back of the couch. :->)))

  4. ya know.....I'm fine with snakes. But spiders just give me the creeps.

    I'm glad you're happy, though! hehe