Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Blogging Space

It looks as though many of the blogs I look at are showing off their blogging spaces. Over at Laughing Orca Ranch, I'm wondering if a little cleaning didn't go on before the photo shoot. :)  Just kidding.  

The space you'll see was originally designed to be my office.  As with most families with children, what's mine is theirs.  We all have trouble with putting things back where we got them.  All five of us.  That's a lot of clutter.  I think after I had James, I just gave up.  Now that it's summer, I've doubly given up.  Any time I tidy up the clutter, a child or husband or even me, comes in and undoes the cleanup.  

The rest of my house resembles what you see in my office.  It caused me today, to tell my MIL that I'd rather she, my FIL and Lee's cousin (visiting for the first time), not drop in for a "see the house" visit.  I could rush around like a maniac and tidy up, vacuum, dust, and clean the guest bathroom, but I just said 'no' instead.  Maybe it wouldn't matter to our cousin, but it would to me.  I just can't keep up with keeping it tidied up.  Any suggestions?  I tried, but it was little too military for me (read: clean the whole house, every day).  

Does anyone else clean their house from top to bottom when they are going out of town?  I have two theories about that.  1. I will have so much laundry to come home with, that having a clean house makes it a little less painful.  Who wants to work their backside off after a lovely vacation.  2. If I were to die by getting gored by a wild buffalo, I would be mortified if someone had to come into my house after my death and find it a disaster area.  "Goodness, she was such an awful housekeeper!" 

You know what, this disaster is where we live.  We are evidently okay with it or it would change.  It's too bad that I'm not okay with sharing my disaster with strangers or cousins, aunts and uncles I've only met once or twice.  It makes me look bad either way.  

To my left.  Most art work is done by my kids.  The dryer operation manual is the first place I went after my dryer died.  Not much help, except to give me the phone number to call to have my 2 year old dryer fixed.  
To my center is more 'stuff'.  The picture in the window is of my niece---her graduation picture from nursing school.  She's amazing.  The tiny boots with the tag still on---a baby gift I forgot to give.  All the books are related to chickens and wildlife.  The dust--from God and the surrounding area.

More dust, more artwork and dirty windows.  They face south.  In the summer, it's useless to clean them because dirt blows on them, then it sprinkles.  A lovely patina of 'stuff' gets baked on.  Out the window you can see the chicken yard.  They are so close so I can keep an eye on them and listen for attacks from predators if we ever have any.

I have a lot of chicken related stuff in my office.  That's because I try to keep my chicken decor relegated to my space.  Oh, the space my kids share with me.  You think I'd have learned by now.  A girl can wish for her own space, can't she?


  1. I can see your chooks through the glass, so it can't be that dirty!

    Horizontal surface syndrome! My h, who is the main complainer about clutter, likes to change his dumping spot from time to time so that next morning it's, Where are my keys/ wallet/ phone? I dunno, Where'd you leave them?

    For a while there, I thought I might find uncluttered surfaces cold,'s that for an excuse?

    We have two large desks and both are shared, so, no, I don't have my own space but I hope you can have yours, CC. If you deep down want to :)

  2. What a great space! I like the paint color and that our desk is so long and wraps around the room.

    And please tell me what that chicken cartoon says below your calendar.

    You may still not believe me but I didn't lift a finger to clean off my desk before I took that photo. It really does look like that almost all the time.

    Sometimes I have a few papers spread out and even some snacks or dinner, but my family and friends will tell you that I am insanely anal about clutter.
    My blood pressure goes up and I get very irritable when I have to be surrounded by clutter, so my house has a very minimum of knick knacks, papers, toys, etc

    Now that doesn't mean that I keep things clean and dust free, though. The pictures of my blogging space apparently didn't show the dust or the drink rings. haha!

    But you'd probably get a laugh if you could see my husband's desk across the loft and compare.
    We are like the odd couple when it comes to clutter. haha!

  3. I love your space. Those windows are wonderful and to tell you the truth, I may have started disliking you a bit if they were clean.
    I have clutter in every room and figured that is how my house wants to be because the clean doesn't seem to last for long. I always say that I don't want to make my guests too uncomfortable by having a spotless home. :-)
    I think your room looks great! Just the right balance of clutter and fun.