Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Can't, for the Life of Me...

...figure out the picture you see above. I never had a cat until we moved into this house nearly 8 years ago. Lucky came with the house. It took him a couple years to train me that just because he's looking out the window of the back door, it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to go outside. It also took him some time to train me that he does things in his own sweet time. Going in and out are leisurely activities---there's stretching to be done, checking for monsters, and the very fact that he is NOT a stupid dog that bounds in and out of the back door at their master's pleasure.

He does show signs of interest in humans, but only when it suits him. He's not a hide-under-the-bed sort of cat. He interacts with Lee and me when there's food involved and on cold winter nights because our bed is warm. He interacts with Pearl because they are bonded. James gets 'spoken' to about food when no one else is around to tend to it.

It's his interaction with Thomas that has me completely befuddled. Thomas does things like make up songs in Spanish about how fat Lucky is. He once surrounded Lucky with odds and ends while he was sleeping and then took pictures of him and posted them on his MySpace page. He jumps out from behind doors when the Lucky is walking by and gives him a hearty "BOO!". Thomas treats the cat very much like he'd treat a little brother. He just yanks his chain every now and then. Most cats, at least what I thought I understood about cats, would find this treatment worthy of punishment. For years I have fully expected to hear from Thomas that the cat has coughed up a hairball in his bed---or worse. Instead, Lucky hangs out with Thomas on the couch. Thomas can be laying there, watching a little T.V. and Lucky will get down from his favorite chair and jump up next to Thomas. He doesn't do that with anyone else in the family! I've long heard that cats are most attracted to those that aren't "cat people". Thomas is an "all animals" person like the rest of the family----so that myth doesn't hold water. Can anyone shed some light on this behavior? I just don't get it. It makes me smile, but it makes me screw my face up in a question mark every time it happens, too.


  1. If you ever develop the ability to figure out both cats and human males you'll surely be able to solve hunger and create world peace!

  2. I love it!!!

    My husband acts like he doesn't like cats. When he knows I'm looking, he will pick on our cats, picking them up and laughing at them, holding them tight just to annoy them, 'boo'ing at them until they run away, etc.

    He's acted that way about every cat we've ever owned (I've lost count...maybe 6?), but when he thinks I'm not looking, he's stroking cat fur or giving a treat, or inviting a cat to sit near him.

    Cats seem to gravitate to him, even my special boy, Oreo, who is mostly aloof to the majority of people.

    I think it's great that your son and Lucky have such a special relationship.

    Maybe, socially, guys aren't supposed to have a relationship with a cat and are expected look tough around them?
    If you ask me I think that cats are more of a man's equal, and most men aren't very comfie with that.....