Saturday, June 21, 2008

Homemade Rolling Composter

I have tried a large plastic bin that you can buy from Home Big Box.  The sides were a bit too tall for me to properly turn the contents.  That led to me not turning, which in turn, led to me not having compost.  When we moved onto our acreage, I tried just having a freestyle compost pile.  It was just ringed with local rocks and I could turn it to my heart's desire.  That plan failed because of animals--domestic and wild.  Deer and chickens were the main predators of my lovely compost materials. Any time I put kitchen scraps in the pile, they were quickly eaten.  The chickens also tended to eat many of the 'good bugs' that they unearthed. 
A neighbor showed me her method and it works like a charm.  It solved my problem and made one thing simpler!  Behold, the trash can recycling bin.  You can make one for yourself in about a half hour. 

Don't forget that you can click on the pictures to see them better.

Items you'll need: Large, plastic trash can and lid.  Two bungee cords. An electric drill with a drill bit of your liking.  Mine was about 1/3 inch.
Drill holes the entire length of the can, all the way around.  
Drill 2 slightly larger holes on opposite sides of where the handles are.  I just wiggled the drill around a little to make the holes larger.  These holes will be where the bungee cords attach.  Be sure to drill them on the seam--the plastic is stronger there.
Don't forget to put holes in the bottom.  You want it to drain and you want the buggies to be able to get in and set up housekeeping.
Holes in the top, too.  Here's a good picture of how the bungee cords are attached.  

Now you're done.  Just add the normal stuff, give it a drink and start rolling.  That's what's extra cool about this composter---no more turning with a pitchfork!  The bungee cords hold the lid on tight so I can just tip it over and start rolling.  I can even tip it end over end; which I recommend.


  1. Wait'll Steve sees what I'm going to do to the new trash can. I'll tell him it was your idea!

    This is one of those O things. You know what I mean.

  2. What a great composter. The nice thing is while one is cooking you can put fresh in another.
    About how long does it take to do its composting job?

  3. Sugar,
    It takes about 4-6 months depending on how diligent you are about taking care of it and getting the right ingredients in there. That's why I ended up with volunteer plants in my garden this year---I put a lot of "green" in from kitchen scraps and not enough "brown". It didn't cook long enough and now I have things growing in my garden that I didn't plant.

    Robin, you're a mess! :)