Monday, June 23, 2008

The Good, The Bad, ...

...well, I couldn't find "The Ugly".  I guess I could have posted pics of the weeds that are taking over my garden, but didn't want to.  That would mean that I acknowledge their presence and have to do something about it.  Since I'm trying very, very hard not to use chemicals to kill the weeds, aka RoundUp, that means I'd have to pull them all by hand.  Right now, because of the heat, I prefer to be like a crazy cat lady who says she rescuing cats, has 102 in her apartment, and really just needs to get her head out of the sand about the whole issue.  If you ignore weeds, they aren't really out of hand.  Right?

All that said, here are my representations of the Good and the Bad.  Below is a new snake in my garden.  I had to scour my reptile and amphibian book to find him. He's a Patch Nosed Snake. He is named that for the scale that covers the end of his head. He wasn't too keen on my taking his picture.  Poor thing, I kept going one way or another to flush him out from underneath my pyracantha bush.  I would never have seen him at all, but the chickens gave him away.  They were all standing with their heads cocked looking at something in the yard.  Tuesday was making his "come look, come look" noise, and so I did as I was told.  The hens were sizing up the snake to decide if he was too big to fight over and eat.  Which, by the way, is hilarious to behold, unless you're the snake.  They decided he wasn't going to be a snack and I ran to get my camera.  

This is just a plain old grasshopper.  A grasshopper on steroids! He's at least 3 inches long, and can of course, fly.  Once an insect reaches that proportion, Pearl considers them pet quality.  The race was on to see which one of us could get to him first---Pearl with her net or me with my scissors.  Yes, I cut them in half--that way two chickens can have a snack instead of just one. We both lost.  He managed to get away to eat my plants another day.  


  1. Snakes don't bother me, but grasshoppers do. When I was a kid, one grabbed my fingers with those clingy little feet and spit tobaccy juice on me. Totally freaked me out. I couldn't shake my hand hard enough. Great idea with those scissors, their tobaccy juice may not reach me.

  2. pics. We found a garter snake over the weekend that was the biggest I had ever seen. I wondered what my chickens' reactions would be to him. Your chickens eat grasshoppers, huh? Mine are still so picky (i.e. spoiled?) that they don't eat many of the crawly things that present themselves each day. Maybe it's just a maturity thing, I don't know.

    A picture of ugly would have maybe been the damage grasshoppers do to your garden?