Friday, June 20, 2008

For a Big Smile

Aacckk! I just realized you can't see the final cell in this comic, it's what makes it funny.  Grandpa is telling his grandson, Nelson--"Don't listen to her.  If you stop believing in the Toilet Paper Fairy, she stops coming."  
Pickles Cartoon for 06/14/2008
This comic strip by Brian Crane makes me laugh almost every day.  It's funny because it's real.  Goodness knows how many times I've said, "Lee, come see this, isn't this just like your folks (or mine)?"  
I think I'm going to frame this particular strip and the one previous to it regarding the ever important notion of replacing the darn TP roll when it's out.  The previous one discussed how leaving one square does not count as actual TP---it does not let the person who left it, out of changing the roll. The rule is, if you can't blow your nose on it, you can't use it for anything else either.
While we're on the subject of Toilet Paper---it rolls over from the top.  I, for one, do not need to be hunting around for the stray edge of the TP in the middle of the night if it rolls over from the back.  Rolling over from the back is only for households with children under the age of 5 or households with puppies--or both.  It keeps bored children from sitting on the potty and unrolling an entire roll while they finish up.   If a puppy finds a roll that rolls over from the top, it's your own fault when he comes running into the living room with the end of  a brand new roll in tow.  Your new neighbor or boss is likely going to be there to witness this act. They'll laugh, but they'll be thinking "they just don't have a lick of sense about which way the TP should roll."  

To recap:
Pickles comic strip makes my heart sing.
There is no such thing as a TP fairy.
One square of TP does not count as "there is too some paper left".
It rolls over from the top unless you have small children or puppies.


  1. haha! Ain't that the truth!

    Sounds like this is the week where you get some things off your chest, eh? hehe

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by others not replacing the roll or not placing the end on top.

  2. About the only thing I miss from the paper is Pickles since Calvin and Hobbes no longer exists. And I actually remember this specific strip!

    Yes, TP rolls from the outside over. Good call.

    And my husband is incapable of putting on a new roll because he things TP holders are a pointless invention of there is a counter or other flat surface within reach.

  3. I feel like I'm getting to know you so much better during this heat wave of yours, CeeCee. LOL.

    I do have to say, though, it was my husband that retrained me about the "rolling over from the top". I grew up as an under-girl and it makes so much more sense to me. Now, I only go "over the top" just for him. :-)

  4. I meant to have those free standing, open ended TP racks in my bathrooms. That way no one can say, "but I don't know how to replace it!, it's too hard and the spring part gets away!" I didn't get to it quick enough and they'd installed the standard ones already.

    Katie, I so miss Calvin and Hobbes! If we left the TP on a flat surface, it would get away from someone and unroll itself while rolling across the floor.

    Danni, this heatwave does have me cranky. The TP issue was just brought up because of the comic. :) I love when Ann Landers addresses the topic every year. Goodness knows some folks have to fight about something. :)

  5. I'm a big fan of Pickles and Calvin & Hobbes also. I loved Calvin's transmogrifying machine. so many of those comics are classics!

    I've finally got my DH trained to get a new roll of TP out and set it on the counter if there is little left on the old one. And yes, the end goes on top! ;-)