Sunday, June 22, 2008

Faith in Humanity, Restored

I chose a bright, cheery morning glory to be my picture today.  My title is a bit silly, but after my week of griping about how others act as though they are the only person on the planet, I thought Sunday was a good day to discuss faith restored. :)

The incident just made me smile.  I was at my small town Super S picking up some additional groceries for the homecoming of my hubby and son from church camp. The prices at the Super S (only grocery store in town) certainly offset the savings in gas it took to get there.  Eleven miles to the big city grocery, five miles to the Super S--probably the same in gas vs. grocery prices.  I digress, but what else is new.  It was the small town part of this story that I wanted to highlight. 

After getting my groceries, I was headed out to my car.  I encountered what we all encounter-----someone was driving through the parking lot and I needed to cross, so did a couple with two young children.  In the big city, the car driving in the parking lot would assume the right- of- way because they're talking on the phone and eating a cheeseburger from the McD's in the parking lot.  Pressing on the brake to let me by would be too nice, and darn it, they're in a hurry.  In my small town parking lot, the person stopped to let the young couple cross.  When I could see that he was looking at me, I waved him on by.  I could wait.  He'd let folks across already.  He waved me across too!  The person was a mere boy, maybe 20 at most. Aren't all young people in a hurry?  I was when I was his age.  That one small act of putting me first, a complete stranger, was wonderful.  It was a tiny gesture, nothing really, but it lightened my heart so.  

Lee came back from our church's Sr. High camp and couldn't rave enough about what fine kids he encountered.  They weren't all "church kids" from nuclear familes.  Some came from very sad circumstances and still managed to prove that the young people of today are worthy of our faith in them.  I wish I'd been there.  

And so, another week dawns and I have been renewed by the fact that not all people think they are "the only person on earth".  Thanks to the boy in the beat up old pickup for letting me cross.  You'll never know how happy you made me.


  1. Lovely picture!

    Isn't it amazing how sometimes such a small incident can mean so much? And that young man will probably never realize how big an impact his one little act of kindness made.

    Which kind of makes a good reminder for all of us, I guess, that we should be kind all the time, because who knows what effect it may have on someone else? (Just as the opposite is true, that some thoughtless, cranky act, may have a lasting harmful impact, even though it may not have seemed very big or very important at the time.)

    Wow, I'm waxing philosophical here. Maybe you're higher thinking is rubbing off on me. Look, another example of a good impact! :-)

    Always love reading your blog.

  2. Glad you're here to record these acts of thoughtfulness!