Friday, June 27, 2008

Cliche' Friday

"Be careful what you wish for."  Do you remember a few posts ago when I said my "Certified GE repaiman" Jake, was coming out today to finally fix my dryer?  Do you remember when I said that I actually liked hanging clothes on the line, and that I would sort of miss it?"  Well, Jake came today--WITH THE WRONG PART!  He knew we had a gas dryer, but what he failed to see was that we have a propane gas dryer.  Gas is gas, right?  Not.  
Soooo, he's coming back next Friday.  Wait!!! Friday's a holiday.  He'll either be back on Thursday or the following Monday.  He'll call us.
The silver lining (another cliche')---it's not February, raining and cold.  I understand it's hard to dry clothes on the line in those conditions.

"Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater."  Sometimes you have to.  In this case, I had to pull up the flowers in order to get at the weeds.  In my earlier post, I told the story of the hot and dry conditions we're under.  That hasn't changed in the last 8 hours.  I spent 3 hours this morning, 'throwing out the baby'.  I'm very close to putting down black plastic and just killing all the seeds that are in the bed--good and bad ones.  The dirt is lifeless. Literally.  In all my digging and pushing dirt around, I didn't come across one earthworm or grub worm.  I need to add about 270 cubic feet of weed free compost (30 ft x 3 ft. x 3 inches).  Maybe I'll just grow rocks.


  1. Oh, you poor thing. This is pretty much how it went with our downstairs repairs following the pipe bursting back in APRIL!!! Just on Wednesday did they finally get the carpet back in...a full 90 days after the event itself. What a nightmare, but how good it is to have a liveable downstairs again.

    Rocks, huh? I do know there is a wide variety of those that you might look into for your garden. Personally, I'm partial to heart-shaped ones. Perhaps you could grow a few of those! :-)

  2. Heck, I'd put rocks and cactus in the bed, but it's right behind our pool. Something about kids playing and pokey plants don't mix.
    With this heat though, I may just give up on that bed for the summer. Put down plastic, kill everything and start over in the fall.