Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boredom Buster

Above you see my answer to "I'm bored" and "There's nothing to do".  Today is our first day of summer.  Last summer it took my youngest, James, a mere two days to pronounce that he was bored.  I thought that must have set some land-speed record.  I was wrong.  He set it today.  By 7 a.m. there was much lying about and sighing.  "What is there to do?"  I think the very idea of not having friends surrounding him for most of his day was more than he could fathom.  He hadn't even eaten breakfast---goodness, at least that's something to do!  We suggested that he do his typical early Saturday morning activities (before his siblings are awake).  Those things include computer games, breakfast, some cheesy cartoons, and some Lego rattling.  None of those things would fit the bill.  He just wanted to be bummed and bored.  

At 8:10 I heard the familiar "beep, bop, beep, beep" of the telephone being dialed.  "Who are you calling, you'll wake people up!!"  "I'm calling Jackson to see if he can come over, since Nathan is grounded."  I'm glad he's willing to expand his friend base, as Nathan is his very best friend.  I'm not, however, willing to alienate Jackson's parents so early in the summer by calling so early.  I have a 9 a.m rule about calling or receiving calls.  

I'm not one of those parents that goes-goes-goes all summer.  It's great for some families, but I "Go" all school year.  I need a break.  James will be needing to arrange play dates (we don't live in a neighborhood).  I'm good with that.  It's just that today, no one is coming over to play. My dear James just might pass out from boredom.  

I was told of a cure for his malady by a friend with four children.  When one of her children pronounces that they are bored in any way, shape or form, she hands them a pair of gloves.  She finds things to fight their boredom---weed pulling, bathroom cleaning, and in our part of Texas there is the rare treat of rock moving.  If you're lucky, you'll unearth fire ants, red-headed centipedes or scorpions as you move rocks.  We have enough rock on our property to build a nice rock wall or line a good sized swale for water runoff.  

Feel free to use my friend's idea.  I think she'd be proud.  


  1. I thought I was the only Mom who doesn't schedule things all summer.

    My kids know if they use the "B" word they get a job to do. We grew up with so much less stuff and amazingly found things to do. Of course I may have used the "B" word too but luckily I'm too old to remember.

  2. Because we homeschool, summer is typically my 'break time', so we stay home more often in the summer unless we feel like doing little things like museums, zoo, hiking or letterboxing. I like things to be relaxed and non-scheduled all summer, though.

    When my kids use the 'b' word, I send them out to the trampoline to get the yay yas out, and then they have to empty the dishwaher.

    Works pretty good so far.