Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Good Things

Yesterday was my father-in-law and brother-in-law's birthday. Yes, they share the same birthday. Pretty cool birthday present for my FIL I think, to have a son. Dad turned 80! It's so wonderful in many ways, but last year we thought we'd lose him to heart disease. Heart attack followed by bypass surgery, followed by more surgery and a 2 month stay in the hospital about killed him. He and my MIL decided to move down here last October to be closer to family. Two months of running back and forth to the hospital without someone to lean on about killed my MIL---well, figuratively anyway. They need to be near us and we need to have them around. My youngest, James, thinks they hung the moon. My older two do to, but are too cool to show it. It's a good thing all around.
My BIL, Dean, surprised Dad for their birthday by just showing up on their doorstep. I think they had a great visit. It's the first time Dean has seen Mom and Dad in their new house. He and his wife have a longer visit scheduled for July. Can't wait to share it with them!

This is Mama dog. I was walking my son to school and found her in a greenbelt (large, green park space behind neighborhoods) barking her head off. Turns out she was protecting a puppy. Once my friend and I were able to find something to put it in, we scooped up the puppy and used it to coax Mama into my car. They both had obvious need of veterinary care. The pup was a tiny, black, fuzzy, cutie. It seemed as though Mama had raised it on her own in the greenbelt. The pup screamed every time I touched it, but I assumed it was from fear. Unfortunately, it was from disease (distemper) or a head injury. It didn't take the vet and me very long to decide to put the poor little thing down. That left us with Mama and her possible ailments---very obvious flea infestation, possible mange, worms, hearthworms, distemper, parvo????? The list was endless. Then there was the problem of trying to give away a dog. We couldn't keep her. Who would want a scraggly little misfit like Mama?

Leave it to the glory of email address books to answer that question. I just sent out a mass email asking that if they weren't interested in this little girl, did they know someone who might be? Within 24 hours I received a message on my answering machine---"Damn you, CeeCee.....we'll take her if no one else will". I have soft hearted friends. They, also, have soft hearted friends. She has two potential homes to go to!!

Mama didn't have heartworms or mange (whew!). She is malnourished, has a severe allergy to fleas and had a fever for several days. Now she's got a clean bill of health. We're just waiting until her weight comes up before getting her spayed. She still looks bad, but that will improve with time and love. The love is going to be the easy part. I expected her to be a little biting machine---terriers often are. She'd been a stray for who knows how long; how friendly could she be? I'll tell you. She's a lovebug! She is going to make a wonderful, wonderful pet. She shakes like a leaf when she climbs up in my lap, but snuggles right in and gives kisses. The true test was when I took James in to see her. She loved him too! Not one hint of growling, lip curling, or biting. All kisses.

I'm hoping her new home situation works out. What we don't know is if she's potty trained, if she chews furniture, fights with other dogs, barks at nothing---you know, typical good dog-bad dog traits. I wish her luck. She's not quite home yet. She's on her way.


  1. What a great picture of your FIL and BIL, they look like great men. How wonderful that your children's grandparents are close by now.
    You are a good woman for caring for that sweetie pie, Mama, and her poor babe. Has Mama recovered from the loss of her little one? I'm really glad you were the one to find them. I really like your soft-hearted friends, too. :-)

  2. You and your family are so blessed to have your BIL and FIL so close. And what a sweet thing for you all to be there to celebrate their birthdays, too. What kind of cake did you bake. It looks so yummy!

    You and I have a bit in common wanting to rescue every animal we can. What a special person you are to have found and cared for the Mama dog and removed the suffering for the baby, too.

    Mama looks alot like a Jack Russell Terrier. I hope the new home she goes to has kids to wear her out and a big yard for her to run and play. She looks so grateful and happy that you rescued her from that park.

  3. Those giant bat ears and that face! So cute. You are a kind woman to help that sweet dog.

  4. Rural Writer TishMay 22, 2008 at 7:59 AM

    It's great to have family close. Ours is scattered all over the US and Canada.

    Mama Dog is lucky she has someone to mother her, working for her to get better. Hope it all turns out great. She sounds like a neat little dog.