Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Note to Self

Be patient with compost.  Don't give in (again) to the desire to use it, just because it smells finished.  If it still has bits of orange peel and egg shell and grass from the neighbors yard, it's not ready.  If you do give in, you will be rewarded with an hour of bending and squatting and digging and pulling weeds.  You will be rewarded with a sore back, feet, legs and bottom. You will be rewarded with the fact that you only scratched the surface of the number of weeds in your beds.  Remember to take Advil before starting to pull weeds next time. Take two.

On a brighter note, remember the chickens were thrilled with the green bounty you dumped in the chicken yard.  At least someone was happy about weeds.


  1. Ah...ha ha ha. Yes, good tips, all of them. Having only just started my first compost bin a month or so ago, this is all really good info.
    I also like knowing we can compost orange peels, as one found its way into our bin and I'm not sure how. :-)

  2. I feel for you, I have been pulling weeds for weeks. We get these mini pine tree type things with deep traveling roots, HATE THEM! So do the chickens.