Monday, May 5, 2008

It's What's for Dinner

First harvest of Spring.  
Technically, I harvested broccoli and brussels once before, but they were a winter crop.  
These brussels are no bigger than a man's thumbnail, but if I waited any longer they'd get bitter and full of bugs. "Not good eats" as Alton Brown would say.   The potatoes are Red Pontiacs and will boiled and then rolled in butter and dill.  The berries are wild and will be enjoyed by only Pearl, as she is the one who braved the thorns and picked them. 
I think a big crusty loaf of bread and maybe a small bit of beef on the grill will round out this going away dinner for my sister.  She's headed back to Portland.  She was here for my mom's death and is confident that her father is doing well.  It's time to head back to the west coast for her.  Via Con Dios, my dear Sister! 


  1. Thanks Robin.
    I grew up with a gardening father, but never realized what work was involved. It always seemed that after I turned the dirt in the spring, that he'd just throw plants and seeds at the plot and stuff would magically grow. The only thing I remember was "rabbit poo tea" that he used from our rabbit. Tomatoes grew to the eves of the house that summer.
    Here in Texas, I have a few more factors to deal with (heat and lousy soil), but I'm getting the hang of it after 20 years of trying. Now I'm hooked and want a much, much larger plot.

  2. What a delicious and generous send-off.