Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Getting Hot

Well, I was predicting a 4th of July tomato.  My plants are taking things into their own hands and now I'm thinking sometime next week.  I know ripening of tomatoes has nothing to do with heat, but it always seems like it.  Heck, you've never heard of a 'cold house' tomato have you?  Anyway, this one has my name written all over it. I'll be deciding whether this one should be eaten in its true form with just a little salt, or coupled with bacon, lettuce, mayo, and some seedy, homemade bread--toasted, please.  I may go out today and wrap it in some bird netting as we've got mockingbirds and squirrels very close by.  Nothing worse than finding big holes in your first tomato!  Well, there are worse things, like war and famine and crime and drug dealers and dog kickers and..., but you know what I mean.

Two years ago I planted some German Chamomile.  The seed packet said "can become invasive."  I planted it anyway, right next to my invasive mint---I'm a rebel that way.  Nothing happened.  Well, something happened, but you could barely call it a happening.  A couple seeds germinated, a couple wimpy plants tried their hardest and then died.  I decided it wasn't meant to be and forgot all about it.  Must be too hot?  This spring, a couple seedlings came up that I recognized and decided to leave alone.  They took off and the aroma from the flowers would stop me in my tracks.  I looovvveee good chamomile tea.  How cool that I can now make my own.  I pulled up several plants on Monday, as the heat was taking them over.  I sat for an hour on the porch and tenderly picked off the flowers.  They are now drying in my office window, awaiting a hot pot of water to show off their true purpose in life.  


  1. War and famine and crime and drug dealers and dog kickers, how can talk of such awful things crack me up? You are just lucky I recently peed, or maybe my chair is the lucky one.
    You win funniest blogger of the day award. Well you dont actually get an award but you get to know you cracked me up today.

  2. What a nice little surprise finding that chamomile getting strong this year.
    I love chamomile tea with a bit of honey and milk. So relaxing and soothing in a busy day.