Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Have a Name

Remember me?  I was the dog CeeCee blogged about 10 short days ago; and what a difference 10 days can make!  I have a name now---it's Roo.  Betcha can't guess where my new family came up with that idea?  I have a collar and a tag, too.  I haven't been to the vet to make sure I don't have any more puppies yet.  My vet, Glen, says I need to gain some weight first and settle in at home.  That'll be cool. Puppies are nice and everything, but they need a lot of attention and then they take them away from me.  There are too many puppies on the planet already.  I'm ready to retire.  Come along and see my new digs.
This is my big brother, Bounce.  He's an old man, but I guess he would bounce straight up in the air as a puppy, thus the name.  He doesn't bounce so much anymore, but he welcomed me into the family with barely a sniff.  He just got his summer cut, so we're more alike than ever.  
This is one of my kitty family.  This one won't play.  Don't know what's up with that. 
This is another kitty brother.  My family teases him and accuses him of being half rabbit.  He's a tortiseshell guy with no tail.  I think the lack of a tail makes him sit like he does, but he sits just like the jackrabbits that hang out in the front yard.  I really don't care what he looks like.  He's seriously thinking about playing with me and that would be great!
This kitty reminds me of CeeCee's kitty, Lucky.  Kinda "biggish".  Ssshhh, don't tell. I think he's big enough to eat me.
This is my new toy.  Bounce can't have it.  A girl's got to draw the line somewhere.  I do get something that the other furr family doesn't get---I get to sleep with the 15 year old daughter.  Once the family discovered that I only potty outside, I got the run of the house and get to snuggle every night before sleeping.  Who would have guessed how good a home I'd end up in?  It pays to be sweet and pick the right person to bark at when you're in trouble.
Tour's over.  Let's take a walk!  


  1. awwwwwwwww. This makes me teary! You've done a wonderful thing. She looks very happy.

  2. Fural Writer TishMay 25, 2008 at 10:12 PM

    That is soooo neat that Roo ended up in such a good home! I love happy endings!!!

  3. Ya Roo! So happy for you!
    Great job, CeeCee!

  4. Little Roo paved her own way. Luckily I have soft hearted neighbors that took her in and I will be able to see her whenever I want.
    I got to hang out with her yesterday a couple times because her new family took a day-trip to San Antonio. I let her and Bounce out to potty a couple times. What's funny, is that she seems to have brought some life back to old Bounce. Usually older dogs are ticked off that a younger dog is in the family. Not Bounce, he wants to play. Good for everyone.
    The little tail-less kitty encourages Roo and then when she attempts to actually play with him, she gets a swat. They'll figure it out.