Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Snake of the Season

I knew it was inevitable.  Last year I moved 5 different rat snakes out of the nest box and onto the 366 acres we back up to.  This one hardly gave me any trouble at all.  Of course, after a three-egg lunch, one would tend to be getting around pretty slow.  I know how many eggs by how many bumps are evident.  This snake must have just swallowed the last egg because its jaw is still unhinged.  I'm constantly amazed how large an egg their tiny heads can get around.  This one's head was only about as wide as your two thumbs, side by side.

Oh well, off to find it a more appropriate home.  Snakes tend to make the hens a little weak in the knees and they quit laying for a day or two.  Silly girls, they are far too fluffy for a rat snake. ;)


  1. I think we shall call him "Lumpy".

  2. heheh. We really are living a parallel plains, CeeCee!! hehe