Friday, April 11, 2008

Let the Stalking Begin

Before I tell you anything else, be sure to click on these pictures so you can really get a good look at my babies.  

I've waited all winter for the mantis eggs to hatch.  I've looked in on the egg case a couple times a day for the last two weeks hoping to catch them hatching.  Just today I was bent over looking at the case and beginning to wonder if it would ever happen.  I stood up and surveyed the plant for other insects.  Then I saw the little one below.  Then I saw another and another and another!  I know, I'm weird.  It's just so cool having a bunch of tiny lions hanging out in my garden.  I just need them to get busy on the flea beetles that are snacking on my potatoes and spinach.  

I will try to restrain myself when posting pics of them as they grow.  :0)  


  1. Very cool! I don't think I've ever seen a praying mantis.

  2. You're so funny! Just like a proud Mama.

    It is so cool, though, I agree.