Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Does This Chair Make Me Look Fat?

I am certain that our dear Lucky has no concern about his weight.  He can still catch mice and rats and zoom up trees with the best of them.  We think he's nearly 11 by now.  He came with the house.

He comes by the name Lucky, legitimately.  When our house was in the framing stages he wandered out of a nearby drainage ditch and told us his troubles.  He's a "talker" as cat people call them.  We believed he belonged to someone because he'd recently had a place shaved on one shoulder---as though he'd been to the vet.  After posting signs everywhere and coming to the house to feed and water him every day, it became apparent that he was ours.  Therein was the problem.  We couldn't have a cat for two reasons.  Our dogs would love to snack on said kitty and my husband wasn't a cat person.  All during those two weeks, Lee would come to the house to work on wiring and "the cat" would follow him from room to room.  He'd stay just out of the way of Lee's work, but always be where he was. He was as friendly a cat as Lee had ever known "almost like a dog".  He put up with Pearl's forced affection and never bit or scratched her.  It became time to put up sheetrock and time for Lucky to find a real home.  We were afraid the workers would sheetrock him right into a wall.

We talked some folks into taking him.  Woo Hoo!  Several months went by and our friends decided to build a new house.  They moved into a rental so they could be closer to the building project.  Lucky needed a new home, again.  The rental didn't allow cats.  She is a nurse and he is a fireman--how hard could it be for them to find him a new home.  Between the two of them, they know dozens and dozens of people.  One Sunday I asked where they had rehomed him. "Oh, we couldn't find anyone to take him so we gave him to the animal shelter."  HUH!  Such a great cat at a shelter.  I can still hear Lee's voice, "(deep sigh) Oh, go get the cat. (another deep sigh)."  I paid $65 for our own stray cat.  

He put up with Pearl's learning curve on how to love a cat properly.  He put up with me teaching the two dogs we had at the time how NOT to eat kitties.  He put up with the introduction of two new puppies once the other two dogs had passed away.  He put up with (and did not eat) the introduction of chicks that turned into big fat hens.  He is a great cat.  He still has an opinion on many subjects.  He has trained Pearl to come to him with a simple 'meow'.  He has trained my best friend to stand and visit with him while he eats.  He only does that when we are out of town and he's lonely.  He will not eat unless she stands in the laundry room while he does.  He has trained me to open the window in the middle of the night to let him in.  He has trained me to lay perfectly still on the couch in the winter so he can curl up on my lap to get warm.  He has trained us all that dogs have masters and cats have staff.

Here he is drinking "flavored water".  Notice the Beta fish swimming just out of tongue's reach.


  1. I love stories about great cats who educate everyone they contact. Our lion heart was called Edouard, a 21 lb muscular tuxedo, son of a scrawny stray and a feral tabby tom.

  2. You are such a wonderful writer!! Lucky is lucky he picked your family to become his loving and loyal staff. He's a pretty kitty and he sounds dang smart! Love the pictures, too. :-)
    BTW, you have "Cold Sassy Tree" on your list of good books. I *love* that book - such a great story...amazing characters, wonderful writing. sigh. But didn't Olive Ann Burns write it? (You have the name "Kidd" after the title, so I'm just wondering)

  3. You are so right, Cold Sassy was by Burns and Secret Life of Bees was Kidd. I had the authors inverted in my list. I changed them. Thanks for the head's up---books are a a great love of mine, but something I don't make enough time for. Pure guilty pleasures.

    Tootired, 21 lbs!!! Lucky weighs in at 14 lbs and the vet just rolls his eyes. I feed him very little 'weight management' style cat food and he feeds himself mouse and rat snacks whenever he feels the need I guess.

  4. You said:
    "Such a great cat at a shelter. I can still hear Lee's voice, "(deep sigh) Oh, go get the cat. (another deep sigh)." I paid $65 for our own stray cat."


    "He has trained us all that dogs have masters and cats have staff."

    Om gosh, CeeCee! You always find someway to give me big goofy grins!
    What a joy to read about Lucky.

    What a very lucky cat....and smart, too!

  5. If you come back, Ceecee, you may enjoy this:

    "As for Babo, I'm reminded of a cartoon I once cut out of the Spectator magazine. It shows an exasperated Saint Peter, holding the Pearly Gates open as a cat, tail held high, just stands there looking up, unfussed. Saint Peter: "Well, please, do make up your mind: Are you coming IN or going OUT?""

  6. tootired,
    Ha, what great fun that was! I'll admit, it took me a year of owning a cat to realize that sometimes they are just looking out the window. Our doors have windows all the way to the floor.
    On the other hand, the standing over the threshold not knowing whether he really wants to be in or out makes me crazy. He gets a very gentle push with my foot if he can't make up his mind. ;)