Monday, April 28, 2008

Dinner For..

Last year was banner year for wildflowers in our area.  We got lots of rain all winter and spring. The wildflowers started me taking pictures on a regular basis and I haven't stopped since. 
This year the wildflowers aren't so great, but I still carry my camera out on walks.  The grouping below goes under my "Dinner For..." category.  Remember, you can see them larger if you just click on the picture.  I hope you enjoy them.

...three with Maitre'de."      (Celestial flower. Weevils and Katydid nymph)

...for two with bus boy."  (Antelope Horn Milkweed.  Assassin bugs dining on honeybee. Milkweed bug walking away)

...for three."  (Celestial Flower and weevils)

...for four."  (Celestial flower and weevils)

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