Thursday, March 20, 2008

A New Species?

click on the photo to enlarge

First, let me thank my husband, Lee.  Without him, this photo would not have been possible. He recently cleaned all the windows and I was able to get this shot from inside the house. 

The little yellow and black bird you see is elusive and camera shy.  I see him and his mate from indoors, go outdoors and sit like a statue with my hubby's telephoto lens until my arms are going to fall off and the birds play shy.  The moment I go back in, they reappear.  I have been trying to get his picture for a couple weeks, but trying to find out what he is for a year.  He and the Mrs. showed up in December at the birdbath. If it weren't for his mate, I would have decided that he was someone's lost pet.  They were here last year, too.  I searched all sorts of bird ID books and only came up with the common Goldfinch.  The male has a gold head and breast, but not a black head like the one in the picture.  

About ready to call the  Audubon Society and report my new discovery, I gave Google one last shot.  I typed in 'black headed goldfinch'.  There he was!  He and his mate are Lesser Goldfinches.  Never knew there was such a thing.  Evidently, neither have all the major bird ID books.  I can go on with my life now.  I also know that my days sitting like a statue are over, as long as the windows are clean.  


  1. I love reading about other folks' bird watching activities. Your experience and sleuthing was fun to read about, too.

  2. Cool! Learn something new every day. I didn't know there was a Lesser Goldfinch either!

  3. I love the wild birds, except the darned House Sparrows. They eat more chicken food than the chickens do and take over other bird's nests. I've actually witnessed them tossing a baby wren out of the birdhouse onto the ground!
    Your Pinion Jays look very much like our Scrub Jays. How do you get such good pics of your birds. Mine are so flighty!

  4. Very cool...I love that your birds are actually able to eat at your feeders. We've been invaded by chipmunks and piggy, huge-assed squirrels who are gobbling up the sunflower seeds faster than I can fill the feeders back up.
    I laughed out loud at the thank-you speech you gave to your husband for cleaning the windows - that's hilarious!
    Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm off to read your posts about your chickens now. :-)

  5. Hi Ceecee!
    I'm visiting from Critter Farm. This post caught my eye because I'm a big "birder". I'm from the northeast so would have had a hard time figuring out this bird for you but I have friends who know all the birds there are. I do want to tell you that "The Sibley Guide to Birds" has your Lesser Goldfinch and probably all the bird we could ever find and then some! I'm very proud of you for solving the mystery! Maybe you might not agree but you're a true birder at heart!!!


    PS I think I would love it if you could send some of that warm weather up this way!